John Mayer

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #110: Comic Con Edition

    This past weekend was the annual Comic Book Convention (Comic Con) down in San Diego. There are tons of comic conventions all over the country but apparently the San Diego one attracts the biggest crowd. I’ll be honest with you. While growing up in San Diego, I used to collect vintage comic books. I had… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #26: Bringing It To London Edition

    After overdosing on Olympics for the past two weeks I think I need another four years just to recoup. China hands the torch to Great Britain for the next Olympiad with a wintery stop over in Vancouver two years from. I wonder if there will be any tailgating for the Vancouver Winter Olympics? Sounds like… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #9: Better Link Than Never

    Alright, I will admit it. I normally have the Weekend Wrap up and out there by this time but I have a good excuse. The NFL Draft was this weekend so I am a little late. After watching the draft from the No. 1 overall pick of Jake Long all the way to pick No…. Read more »