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Tailgating With Flabongo: The Woman Friendly Beer Bong

Posted by Dave On May - 28 - 2008

hot_flabongo_girl.jpgYou’ve seen (and probably taken) quite a few beer bongs while tailgating. You probably still have that old funnel and tube from college stashed in with your regular tailgating gear. Times have changed though. You want a way for your tailgate party to stand out yet you still want to pound an entire beer in under 10 seconds. Also, your tailgate is missing that special something that will bring over those attractive young ladies from three parking stalls away. The simple answer to both of those needs and desires is to get yourself a Flabongo.

A Flabongo is exactly what it looks like. It’s a hallow plastic flamingo that holds over 36 ounces of liquid. (That’s three cans of beer for the mathematically challenged.) This isn’t just some lawn ornament you liberated from gramma’s front lawn. This is a highly efficient, tremendously rapid beer delivery device.

The configuration of Flabongo is genius in its design. There is a square hole in the belly of the bird and a hole in the beak. Simply pour a beer into the tail end of Flabongo, place the beak to your mouth and when ready to consume, tilt the bird skyward. Let Sir Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation take effect and you are now bonging a beer via the Flabongo. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Wrap #10: Mini Links Make Me Happy

Posted by Dave On May - 3 - 2008

news_wrap.jpgNo matter what kind of tailgater you consider yourself to be, this weekend’s NFL mini camps unofficially opens up the football tailgating season. Oh sure, the college football spring games have mostly come and gone and there were plenty of people tailgating those events. However, mini camps help to open the tailgating season for the NFL tailgater. Don’t believe me? Read my guest blog on The Ultimate Tailgater to find out how I really feel about NFL mini camps. If you are not going to read that, check out what’s been happening this week in regards to tailgating. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Kenny Chesney The New Jimmy Buffett?

Posted by Dave On May - 2 - 2008

kenny-chesney-tailgating.jpgI had the opportunity to read my colleague Stephen Linn’s blog post on The Ultimate Tailgater and it got me to thinking. Is tailgating before a Kenny Chesney concert replacing the raucous party atmosphere that is tailgating prior to a Jimmy Buffett concert?

I will admit it. I have never been to a Kenny Chesney concert nor have I been to a Kenny Chesney tailgate party. I have been to a few Jimmy Buffett tailgate parties and they have been the experience of a lifetime. I think so highly of tailgating before a Jimmy Buffett concert I placed it as one of the items to put on your tailgating bucket list. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Wrap #9: Better Link Than Never

Posted by Dave On April - 27 - 2008

news_wrap.jpgAlright, I will admit it. I normally have the Weekend Wrap up and out there by this time but I have a good excuse. The NFL Draft was this weekend so I am a little late. After watching the draft from the No. 1 overall pick of Jake Long all the way to pick No. 252, known as Mr. Irrelevant, I am a bit late. So without any further delay, let’s find out what is happening in the world of tailgating this week.

  • Pat Harty of HawkCentral.com says banning alcohol at tailgates prior to the University of Iowa’s Spring Game is no way to win over the fans.
  • Despite being only a Spring football Game, tailgating makes it all the better for Nebraska Cornhusker Football fans.
  • WestCoastDawg.com and The Bleacher Report both compare the tailgating scene between the University of Georgia and Arizona State.
  • Only Time Will Tell can’t have college football season and tailgating return soon enough.
  • Top 10 Nascar Drivers offers some suggestions on Choosing the right Tailgating Grill.
  • The verdict is in and tailgating will be banned at 5 PNC Bank Arts Center shows. Tailgating will not be permitted at concerts by John Mayer, OAR, 311, Beatstock and a day-long rock festival tagged Projekt Revolution.
  • Despite more port-o-potties, public urination was still a problem at the Penn State Blue/White game.
  • Lauri Powel says the pre-party at The Foxfield Race is “Fine Dining with Tailgate Style”.
  • Adrian tailgates with Beer, Bratwurst, Baseball, and 5 Plymouth Belvederes.
  • Growing Older But Not Up recaps a recent road trip to see and tailgate prior to the Jimmy Buffett in concert in St. Louis.
  • Speaking of Jimmy Buffett, The Denison Family blogs about Jimmy’s recent concert in So Cal at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.
  • Letters from the Moon must have read my suggestion regarding tailgating a papal mass.
  • The Haphazards Gourmet Girls call tailgating prior to the Coachella Music Festival Tailgating With Satan At The Music Funpocalypse.
  • TheState.com reports that the tailgate party prior to the Kenny Chesney Poets & Pirates concert at Williams-Brice Stadium might have been better than the actual concert.
  • Macey’s donation to help soldiers during the Tailgating for Our Troops fund raiser gathered in over $24,000 in donations.

Weekend Wrap #2 – Linky Dinky

Posted by Dave On March - 8 - 2008

thats-a-wrap.gifLast week was the first installment of the Weekend Wrap. This is where I compile all the tailgating news and blog stories that appeared on the web over the past week and share them with you all. Since none of you slackers suggested a better name for this recurring segment, Weekend Wrap seems to have stuck. Without further delay, here are the news and blog stories from the past week of interest to tailgaters… Read the rest of this entry »





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