Jimmy Buffett

  • Weekend Wrap #10: Mini Links Make Me Happy

    No matter what kind of tailgater you consider yourself to be, this weekend’s NFL mini camps unofficially opens up the football tailgating season. Oh sure, the college football spring games have mostly come and gone and there were plenty of people tailgating those events. However, mini camps help to open the tailgating season for the… Read more »

  • Is Kenny Chesney The New Jimmy Buffett?

    I had the opportunity to read my colleague Stephen Linn’s blog post on The Ultimate Tailgater and it got me to thinking. Is tailgating before a Kenny Chesney concert replacing the raucous party atmosphere that is tailgating prior to a Jimmy Buffett concert? I will admit it. I have never been to a Kenny Chesney… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #2 – Linky Dinky

    Last week was the first installment of the Weekend Wrap. This is where I compile all the tailgating news and blog stories that appeared on the web over the past week and share them with you all. Since none of you slackers suggested a better name for this recurring segment, Weekend Wrap seems to have… Read more »