jimmy buffett tailgate ideas

  • GoBar Portable Bar

    When it comes to tailgating, we all would like to recreate all the creature comforts of a house party while in the parking lot outside a stadium or concert arena. Having a bar set up is rather difficult because of the inherent nature that they are big, bulky and hard to transport. Years ago we… Read more »

  • Granny Flabongo

    We came across this photo while checking out the Flabongo Facebook Fan Page and found it to be pretty awesome. Not only does it look as though this senior citizen is tailgating a Jimmy Buffet concert but is also enjoying a Flabongo before heading inside. Just goes to prove, you are never too old to… Read more »

  • Video: Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Hula Hoop

    This video of a Jimmy Buffett tailgate party has almost everything you would normally see Parrotheads doing. There is a cornhole game going on the side, mobile tiki bars set up and a woman doing a hula hoop. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There is also a woman humping an inflatable shark in the background.

  • Have Tiki Bar, Will Tailgate

    We’ve heard the complaints loud and clear that your tailgate party sucks. Quit your bitchin’ and get some cool tailgating ideas to spruce it up a little bit. You need that little something to give it that extra clout to let everyone know in the tailgating parking lot you know how to freaking tailgate, damn… Read more »