Jay’s Blacktop Blonde

  • Tailgate Beer In Cans

    Over a year ago our designated beer review, Mike “the Beer Guy”, did a review on Jay’s Blacktop Blonde. That particular beer was the latest brew to come out of San Diego based craft brewery TailGate Beer. Blacktop Blonde received a good review from us here at TailgatingIdeas.com but as with most craft brews, they… Read more »

  • Beer Review: Tailgate Beer Jay’s Blacktop Blonde

    Welcome to the very first of many beer reviews to appear here on TailgatingIdeas.com. Beer Reviews will consist of beers that are either local favorites or suggestions from you, the reader. This first beer is one that has been sent to us at Tailgating Ideas and its one we are proud to start with. It’s… Read more »