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Video: Tailgating Blink 182 Concert

Posted by Dave On August - 14 - 2009

Apparently these guys are slow learners. One guy bets another guy he wouldn’t jump and crack his head on the hatch that was open. Two more guys all try it with the same result.

Video: Phillies Tailgating Couch Ice Bath

Posted by Dave On July - 15 - 2009

First of all, who brings a leather couch with them while tailgating? Secondly, if you are going to take advantage of a tailgating couch, please do not fall asleep on it. Bad things happen to passed out people. Surprisingly, the guy seemed to shake it off without a scuffle.

Weekend Wrap #66: Stealth Drinking Edition

Posted by Dave On May - 31 - 2009

news_wrap.jpgIf you are a follower of Tailgating Ideas on Twitter you probably already knew I did a little tailgating on Friday before the NCAA regional baseball games. The campus I chose to go see the game is a “state school” and has a policy handed down by the State Chancellor’s office that no alcohol is permitted in campus parking lots. All of the schools in this same University system also are under this policy jurisdiction. Because the baseball stadium is on campus and we were parking in a campus parking lot, the alcohol ban was to be observed. We chose to bring some red plastic cups and pour our beers in those. After all, we figured as long as we were not waving them around, spilling beer, acting obnoxious and calling attention to ourselves, what probable cause would the cops have to inspect the contents? Well, we were wrong in that assumption. Apparently red plastic cups are no longer the stealth way to enjoy a beer or two while tailgating.

An unmarked police car rolled up and the cop informed us that alcohol is not permitted on campus property and we need to pour out our beers. We complied. Unfortunately we had two students tailgating with us. One was recently graduated and age 23. The other was still enrolled in school and is 19-years old. The police apparently needed to make an example or show their superiors they are doing something about the rampant alcohol consumption in the parking lots and issued the poor kid a minor in possession citation. The cup he was nailed for was not even in his hand and was sitting on the roof of an adjacent car. But because he was standing the closest to the cup, ownership was placed on him and the cops broke out their ticket book.

I understand that rules are rules and laws are laws but has our society come to the point where we can look forward to this all the time? I guess that is the price we responsible tailgaters are paying for the the jackassedness of others that have come before us. The lesson learned here is red cups are no longer a stealth way to enjoy a beer responsibly. It seems as if red cups do more to stand out and alert those with badges and agendas than does a regular aluminum can. Time to find another stealth way to have a beer responsibly. Suggestions?

Now on with this week’s links.

Cover Your Bass

Video: Penn State Blue/White Tailgating

Posted by Dave On May - 2 - 2009

Many may argue that other Big 10 schools have great tailgating, but from what I have seen, Penn State seems to have y’all covered. Maybe it is because State College, Pa is in the middle of nowhere and what else are you going to do for fun other than tailgate? Anyway, this video is from the Penn State Spring Football Blue/White Game. That’s an intrasquad game that’s not even a real game and tons of people showed up to tailgate it. Just another example of unrelenting jackassedness. (Warning: Video does contain some strong language that is definitely NSFW.)

Video: Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Belly Flop

Posted by Dave On May - 1 - 2009

I have two questions after watching this video:

1) Where do tailgaters get all the water it takes to fill up a kiddie pool?

2) What kind of a jackass would belly flop into a kiddie pool from the top of a car?

The guy in this video has the answer to both those questions.





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