• Video: Phillies Tailgating Couch Ice Bath

    First of all, who brings a leather couch with them while tailgating? Secondly, if you are going to take advantage of a tailgating couch, please do not fall asleep on it. Bad things happen to passed out people. Surprisingly, the guy seemed to shake it off without a scuffle.

  • Weekend Wrap #66: Stealth Drinking Edition

    If you are a follower of Tailgating Ideas on Twitter you probably already knew I did a little tailgating on Friday before the NCAA regional baseball games. The campus I chose to go see the game is a “state school” and has a policy handed down by the State Chancellor’s office that no alcohol is… Read more »

  • Video: Penn State Blue/White Tailgating

    Many may argue that other Big 10 schools have great tailgating, but from what I have seen, Penn State seems to have y’all covered. Maybe it is because State College, Pa is in the middle of nowhere and what else are you going to do for fun other than tailgate? Anyway, this video is from… Read more »

  • Video: Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Belly Flop

    I have two questions after watching this video: 1) Where do tailgaters get all the water it takes to fill up a kiddie pool? 2) What kind of a jackass would belly flop into a kiddie pool from the top of a car? The guy in this video has the answer to both those questions.