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Slick Shotz – New and Improved

Posted by Dave On June - 3 - 2015

Slick Shoctz LogoTypically when a product is said to be “new and improved” there really isn’t much new and improved about it. So when we were contacted by the folks at Slick Shotz telling us they have updated and improved their product greatly, I was a little skeptical. After all, the old Slick Shotz were already pretty awesome seeing how we tabbed them to be one of the Top 10 best ways to smuggle alcohol into events and stadiums.

Apparently it is possible to actually improve on an excellent product already. If you want to see what Slick Shotz were like before they underwent a facelift, read our review HERE. The major improvements over the older version includes a built in funnel and the sealer is much improved and easier to use and is highly effective. The Slick Shotz flask bags also come with a black marker and a labeling box so you know what type of liquor is in each bag. (Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels can look similar when you are trying to be stealth and it may be dark where you are mixing drink.)

Take a look at this video to see the features and benefits and improvements Skick Shotz has made over the previous version.

Pretty slick, right?

We were sent a sample of the Slick Shotz Kit which includes 25 pounches, the ink marker, the heat sealer and two AA batteries. We were accustomed to the old Slick Shotz that upon opening up the package, we were immediately impressed. Professionally packaged within a retail box, the Slick Shotz were top notch from the moment we got them. Excited to break them out and try them, we broke out some liquor bottles and filled up some Slick Shotz.

Upon filling them, the Slick Shotz performed as advertised. The funnel was a great addition. I even took a plastic drinking straw and pushed it to the bottom of the pouch so that the liquor filled the cavity easier because thin plastic tends to stick together. The heat sealer was the best part. After warming it the requisite three seconds, it was hot enough to start sealing. I just slid the neck of the Slick Shotz pouch through the heat sealer, much like as if I was “zipping” one of those zipper plastic baggies. I ran it through the sealer twice just to make sure I got a good seal before testing that there were no leaks. Once we filled up a few Slick Shotz pouches, we were ready to give them the ultimate test – Sneaking them into a sporting event.

Slick Shotz at college baseball game

Slick Shotz at college baseball game

If you follow us on Instagram, you may recognize the photo at right. Yes, that is me using the Slick Shotz inside a college baseball game, spiking my soda I purchased inside. (You may also notice I am wearing my blue and orange Game Bibs because I am that much of a crazy fan.)

As evidenced by the photo of the Slick Shotz not only making it into the game but being able to use them brazenly in plain sight, you know they were effective and highly elusive. A little Sailor Jerry in a cola on the inside made the game all the more interesting.

One other aspect of Slick Shotz that I was made aware of is the fact that these “flasks” are not considered to be an open container by law enforcement. All the other sneaky flasks like Lotion Flasks or the Ice Pack Flask are all considered to be open containers since they are not sealed. Slick Shotz are heat sealed and therefore they are not considered an open container and not subject to any applicable laws concerning open containers. Even if you do encounter Johnny Law while in possession of Slick Shotz, open container laws will not apply.

After thoroughly testing the new and improved Slick Shotz, the new and improved version is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The old version was quite good but the improvements made recently really take Slick Shotz to the next level of booze smuggling royalty.

To get the newest version of Slick Shotz, you can buy them at Amazon or directly from their website, slickshotz.com. We hear that they will be available at select BevMo locations with more locations adding Slick Shotz depending on the response.

We would highly recommend Slick Shotz to anyone that wants to fight the high prices of concessions inside venues or find yourself in a venue that doesn’t offer your liquor of choice. We have an upcoming trip to Omaha for the College World Series (Follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter to witness real time the drunken jackassedness that will ensue…) and I will definitely be taking a number of Slick Shotz with me on the plane and to the ballpark in order to save some money.

Video: Beer Pong Dunk With Professional Announcers

Posted by Dave On June - 28 - 2011

Lately I have gotten out of the habit of posting videos of beer pong dunks. Honestly, most of them are pretty run of the mill and get rather boring after a while. You’ve seen one beer pong dunk, you’ve seen them all.

I do break my own personal rule if the beer pong dunk really stands out much like the dude that did a Beer Pong Dunk Over a Car a la Blake Griffin. Looks like that personal rule is going to be broken again.

This video is not spectacular in that the actual dunking is that impressive but rather because the video editor dubbed in the voices of the announcers of the real NBA Slam Dunk Contest. You’ll see what I mean.

Video: Beware The Tailgate Crasher

Posted by Dave On June - 12 - 2011

Seriously people. When did anyone ever say, “Hey dude, You should wear a cowboy shirt, mullet wig and dance around like a jackass in some stranger’s tailgate party!”? I am going to guess never. Don’t be that guy.

Video: Beer Pong Dunk Over Car

Posted by Dave On May - 16 - 2011

As long as I have been blogging about tailgating and have become entrenched in the beer pong lifestyle, it still escapes me the appeal of the “Beer Pong Slam Dunk”. But people continue to do it and as long as this jackassedness will persist, we’ll keep on posting videos like these. Although this did not happen in a tailgating parking lot you have to give the guy some respect for recreating the Blake Griffin slam dunk over the hood of a car.

For comparison sake we have included the super slo-mo video of Griffin’s slam dunk below.

Video: Too Much Gin & Juice

Posted by Dave On January - 10 - 2011

Normally I tend to stay away from grainy cell phone videos but this one was too good to pass over. Keep your eye on the dude in the bed of the truck at about the 60 second mark. Apparently he’s had just a bit too much gin and juice himself.





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