Indianapolis Colts

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #89: Balls Washer Edition

    After the Chargers flat and completely underwhelming performance yesterday I have nothing witty to say. Hopefully this video will make you laugh instead. • Follow Tailgating Ideas on Twitter • Sports Sideshows more popular than the game themselves • Late Night Beer Pong: Sigourney Weaver VS. Jimmy Fallon • A look at the pre-game scene… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #45: Wild Card Weekend Edition

    We have a good reason why the Weekend Wrap is coming to you on Sunday and not our normal Saturday night. Last night we were down in San Diego tailgating and of course taking in the Chargers/Colts playoff game. Unbelievable atmosphere the whole day and night. Could not have asked for anything more. Oh wait,… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #42: Heisman Edition

    Congratulations goes out to Sophomore Quarterback Sam Bradford of the University of Oklahoma. Personally, as a Sooners fan I am happy to see Bradford win it. He brings the number of Sooners with a Heisman Trophy to five joining Jason White (2004), Billy Sims (1978), Steve Owens (1969) and Billy Vessels (1952) in the elite… Read more »

  • Video: Colts Fan Punks ‘Lights Out’ While Tailgating

    I believe this video was shot last year prior to the Colts vs. Chargers playoff game. Here morbidly obese Colt fan has a message for Chargers linebacker Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman. In all honesty, should this guy really be calling out Merriman? I mean, Merriman has something like, seven percent body fat. The guy “punking”… Read more »