Hot sauce

  • Cholula Hot Sauces In Four Varieties

    When it comes to hot sauces, most people lump them all into one category: HOT. But that is truly not the case. They say variety is the spice of life and I believe that to be true. Now when you have variety in your spicy hot sauces, now you truly have uncovered something. I was… Read more »

  • Garpepano Spice”>httpvhd://

    A quick review of Garpepano Spice.

  • Hot Sauce Planet

    It’s no secret that as a tailgater or just a fan of food in general, I love things hot and spicy. I like my chicken wings to have some kick to it. I typically will add hot sauce to chili to spice it up. So it is no wonder that I was ecstatic when the… Read more »

  • Game Day Eats Hellfire Habanero Sauce Review

    Back in December 2009 we did a product review on Gameday Eats’ line of sauces. The website, has the most comprehensive library of grilling and tailgating recipes on the web so you know these guys know tailgating food. If you read the product review of their Wing Sauce Especial and BBQ Boss Sauce you… Read more »

  • Go Easy On the Chilis At Your Next Tailgate

    Image by germanium via FlickrA lot of us love hot and spicy food while tailgating. I recently discovered Fire Brand Original Habanero Hot Sauce and love the stuff. Then again the guys that make it aren’t trying to kill you either. Now comes a story that a man apparently died after eating a lethal dose… Read more »