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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #111: Kate Upton Edition

Posted by Dave On July - 13 - 2011

We know we have featured Kate Upton photos and videos in our weekly link dumps in the past. But in all fairness, how could we pass up this photo opp with the hottest swimsuit model on the planet playing baseball in the All-Star Celebrity Game? Seriously. With the NFL and NBA both in lockouts right now our hand was pretty much forced. Links follow the eye candy…

Kate Upton
(Photo by Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography and Sports Illustrated)

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• NFL’s Washington Redskins Use Solar To Power Stadium, Protect Tailgaters
• At the University of Florida, here are some of the Tailgating hot spots
• University of Central Florida Team Tailgate to redefine tradition
Tailgating for Southern Heritage Classic
• Did Amy Childs’ Faulty Strap cause a “Wardrobe Malfunction”?
• Austin Peay University 2011 Tailgate Alley Registration now available
• Phillies’ Tailgates Better Than Eagles Tailgates?
• ESPN Revisiting the tailgate debate on which AFC North teams’ fans tailgate harder
• Tailgate party to remember for last shuttle launch
• Tailgate tales and grilling tips from Kayem
• Bleacher report’s Best Week-by-Week Tailgating Locations This College Football Season
• Lions tailgater motors to the extreme
• Tailgating with the wine and cheese set

Weekend Wrap-Up #91: Sexy Super Bowl Commercials Edition

Posted by Dave On February - 1 - 2010

The Super Bowl is a week away and that means just a few things. 1) Thanks to the NFL, no one will be tailgating before the Super Bowl at land Shark Stadium next Sunday. 2) If you go to a friend’s house, you’re likely to run into some annoying people at a Super Bowl Party. 3) No matter how good or bad the game turns out to be, Madison Avenue will roll out it best commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. So in honor of that, here is a YouTube video where you can select any of the top nine sexiest Super Bowl ads over the last few years. Each video you click from inside the video will open up the video on YouTube. Once you are all done watching that one (or all nine you freaking perv) come back and check out this weeks hot links of news going on in the world of tailgating and other stuff you’ll find interesting.

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• LSU is teaching students how to be more creative at tailgating — as part of a class
• The Healing Powers of SEC Poon
• 15 Greatest Super Bowl Grocery Pop Art/Beer Displays
• The Girls of Beer Pong
• 15 Reasons Why Duct Tape is Awesome
• Tailgating now approved for select Georgia College & State University home games
• Game Day Grub: Taco Soup
• Rachel Zoe at the Pro Bowl Tailgating
• Best Chili for your Tailgate Party
• CBS reportedly is considering running gay dating site TV ad during Super Bowl
• With tailgating banned here are some Super Bowl Pregame Planning for Miami
• Girls who belong to the Lower Back Problems group on Facebook.
Tailgating Recipes for the Big Game
• Sex Twice a Week Cuts Heart Attack Risk in Half
Bears Tailgating
Tips for Healthier Tailgating
Tailgate Shabbat
• New Orleans Saints fans in Miami will have to improvise: No tailgating allowed
Super Bowl Tailgating Recipes

Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #30: Sadie West Edition

Posted by Dave On December - 25 - 2008

It’s Christmas time but that doesn’t mean I am taking the day off. If you take a gander at Sadie West as one of Santa’s little helpers you’ll know why I stayed up late hoping to get a glimpse of the fat man tonight. Instead of some milk and cookies, being the true tailgater that I am, I left out some smoked brisket and beer for Jolly Old Saint Nick. I am sure he’ll appreciate the variety by the time he hits my house. Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy Sadie West and the links…

(Photo of Sadie West courtesy of The Beer Goggler. Click on the photo to see more of Sadie West.)

Cigarrest to Stop Smoking in 7 Days!

Weekend Wrap #38: Wildfire Edition

Posted by Dave On November - 16 - 2008

news_wrap.jpgBy now you have probably seen or heard the news about the numerous wildfires that broke out in Southern California on Saturday. One of the reasons why this edition of the Weekend Wrap is coming to you on Sunday rather than the normal Saturday time slot, blame it on the fires. I was out tailgating in support of the Cal State Fullerton football team making a return when the wife called and said that the fires were getting close to our home. I packed up and headed home but by the time I got close to the freeway exits I would normally take, police and fire trucks were blocking the exits and were directing traffic to continue on the freeway. Let’s just say I made a few driving maneuvers that my driver’s ed teacher would kill me for but I was determined to get home to my family.Thanks goodness for cell phones because I was able to stay updated on our neighborhood’s status and if we were being asked to evacuate. The good news is that the winds shifted and there was no need for us to evacuate. Unfortunately for our house to be spared, others were lost.

So, I know this edition of the weekend wrap is a day late but I think I have a good excuse. Alright, hope everyone is safe out there and on with the links…

Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #20: USC Song Girls Edition

Posted by Dave On October - 15 - 2008

Honestly, I am speechless. That’s a difficult feat for me to accomplish but this shot of the USC Song Girls (Photo courtesy of Busted Coverage) has me at a loss for words. All I can say is on with this week’s links.






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