• Video: Man Boob Luge

    I have no idea the back story on this video but it is troublesome to say the least. I have heard of body shots before but that is off of a woman’s body. Why any self-respecting tailgater would drink a beer trickled between a fat guy’s gynecomastia is beyond me. All I can think of… Read more »

  • Video: Colts Fan Punks ‘Lights Out’ While Tailgating

    I believe this video was shot last year prior to the Colts vs. Chargers playoff game. Here morbidly obese Colt fan has a message for Chargers linebacker Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman. In all honesty, should this guy really be calling out Merriman? I mean, Merriman has something like, seven percent body fat. The guy “punking”… Read more »

  • Video: LSU Fat Guys Dance Off

    And here I was speechless when I saw the Iowa mudwrestlers. Now LSU has to go and up the ante with two fat guys with back hair and Gynecomastia doing a dance off in the mud. I can’t make this stuff up people. While watching the above video I could not help but get flashbacks… Read more »