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Party Barge

Posted by Dave On June - 5 - 2013

Party Barge Social Floater Featured

You knew it was bound to happen. Ever since we discovered the PortoPong inflatable beer pong raft back in 2007, PortOPong had been the kings of inflatable beer pong table market. There were a number of other companies that tried to knock off the idea of an inflatable beer pong table but most came up short. That is until the guys over at GoPong created the Pool Pong Party Barge.

Party Barge Girl Beach The Pool Pong Party Barge was recently introduced and in our opinion, changes the game when it comes to inflatable beer pong rafts and floating beer pong. We recently had the opportunity to test out and review the Pool Pong Party Barge in a real tailgating environment.

(Disclaimer: We did receive a sample Pool Pong Party Barge for free.  The fact this sample was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

First we will look at the similarities of the Pool Pong Party Barge and compare it to the original PortOPong Pro. On both the PortOPong and the Party Barge there are two triangular patterns of cup holders that hold 10 party cups for beer pong. On either side of the beer pong rack is an additional cup holder for the wash cup or the chill cup if you aren’t putting beer in the triangle cups. Both the PortOPong and the Party Barge come with a large inflation valve for easy inflating and deflating. Both products feature raft tether anchors on each of the four corners so you can tie string or ropes to the rafts to prevent them from floating away. But beyond those features, that is where the similarities end.

Party Barge center coolerOne feature that the Party Barge has that the PortOPong does not is the center cooler. The Party Barge boasts a sunken cooler area with a lid that can hold up to 18 canned beverages and has room for ice to keep them cold. How many times have you been playing beer pong in the pool and wanted to start a new game and you have to get out of the pool to get more beers? Or how many times have you yelled for someone to bring you a few cold ones so you can start your next game? Now with the central cooler, you just have to grab a few more and you are ready for your next game.

Even if beer pong is not your game, the Party Barge can be used as a social floater. The central cooler holding 18 ice cold beverages makes it like a floating bar so nobody is too far away from their next drink. The Party Barge also comes with eight additional cup holders around the perimeter of the raft for additional partiers to place their drinks. Don’t even load up the triangle with cups and the Party Barge is a social floater for eight to 10 people.

Party Barge Social FloatingAlthough these aspects do not pertain directly to tailgating, one idea for the Party Barge would be for river float trips. Tie the Party Barge in between two inner tubes and you now have cup holders and a floating drink cooler that can hold 18 cans and ice as you leisurely float down to the sand bar where you will set up camp for the night. No more trying to rig up some sort of pool noodle to wrap around a hard sided ice chest. Tie up to the Party Barge and you are a floating Mardi Gras for the rest of the day.

With regards to tailgating, the raft tether anchors can be utilized to suspend the Party Barge off the frame of your pop up tent to give yourself a levitating beer pong table while out in the parking lot. The Party Barge deflated would take up a lot less room in your tailgating vehicle on the way to and from the game or concert. One thing we would suggest is to not use the central cooler if you are going to suspend it. That cooler area is not strong enough to hold an 18 pack with ice unless it is floating in water or is supported by something solid like a folding table.

Party_Barge_Girl_pool_pong_300Based on a head to head comparison, the Pool Pong Party Barge is the better floating and inflatable beer pong table based on price and possessing more options. The PortOPong is designed for playing beer pong in the pool and that is about it. The Party Barge is not only for beer pong but it is also a social floater and a floating bar with the central cooler holding 18 canned beverages and ice. Based on price, the Party Barge is slightly more expensive than the PortOPong but the additional features are worth the extra few dollars more.

After thoroughly testing the Pool Pong Party Barge we are going to give it the Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp.

To buy your own Party Barge, click HERE.

GoPong Washer Toss

Posted by Dave On October - 11 - 2012

GoPong Washer Toss Complete Set

A week ago we told you that GoPong was branching out from making just beer pong tables with the introduction of the GoPong Ladder Toss game. No longer focused on just beer pong, GoPong is now bringing their brand of high quality games to the tossing games and lawn games space at affordable prices. They have brought out the Ladder Toss game and have also introduced a single hole Washer Toss game to the market. We have a sample of the GoPong Washer Toss and put it to the test to see if it comes out “tailgate approved”.

Many of the washer toss games you see in the parking lot are the DIY types that someone put together by going to Home Depot and buying all the parts and pieces and constructing it in their garage. Two problems with this approach. 1) The time invested in doing the research on how to do it, what types of materials you will need, not to mention the actual time it takes to put a game together on your own. Who has all that time to do all that? 2) The uniformity issue of not having all the pieces and parts being exactly the size and dimensions you prefer. More than likely cutting PVC pipe yourself with a hacksaw can lead to uneven cuts and uneven playing surfaces. Unless you are a better carpenter than Jesus, a homemade washers game will not be as professional as, … well, one that is professionally made. The upside is you may save a few dollars on doing it yourself but when you factor in your time, you may end up paying more for your DIY washers game than had you purchased a professional one.

Now that we shown you the benefits of buying a washers game rather than attempting to make one of your own, why get a GoPong Washer Toss game over some of the other sets on the market? We thought we would put the GoPong set to the test and compare it to others we have played on in the past.

The first thing we noticed about the GoPong Washer Toss game was craftsmanship. The wooden boxes were well constructed and contained carrying handles and the latches that hold it together were of high quality. When you opened it up, the next thing we noticed was the uniformity of the lines and the way it was put together. Most people tout how “homemade” is always better. That is not the case when you want things to match perfectly. Machines do a much better job of doing the same job over and over without deviating from the pattern much better than human hands. Based on that criteria, the GoPong Washer Toss game was top notch.

On other criteria of craftsmanship, the GoPong Washer Toss was on the same level if not better quality compared to other washer games we have played on. The portability and the ease of being able to pack it away in a tightly packed tailgating vehicle was also a plus. High quality powder coated washers that come with it are also a selling point.

After putting it through the paces and comparing it to other washer toss games on the market, we can confidently label the GoPong Washer Toss “Tailgate Approved”. As we do with all of the products produced by GoPong, we highly recommend this product to any tailgaters looking to save some time while having a high quality washer toss game at their next tailgate party. That is why we have chosen to add the GoPong Washer Toss game to our online tailgating gear store.

The GoPong Washer Toss is $59.99 plus $15 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. To get one of your own, click HERE.

GoPong Pro Beer Pong Table

Posted by Dave On July - 12 - 2012

It is no secret we are big fans of the GoPong brand of beer pong tables when it comes to tailgating. GoPong was the one that made bringing a hard top beer pong table to the tailgating parking lot highly affordable without sacrificing quality.

When the guys at GoPong contacted us and told us they had a new beer pong table coming out, we were intrigued. After all, they already have the highly affordable GoPong standard black table and the Football themed beer pong table in both an eight foot and a four foot version. So what else could they come out with that we haven’t already seen?

Fact is, they came out with the GoPong Pro. A taller, more heavy duty, stronger and more sturdy beer pong table for those who are looking for something that is a bit more than your average beer pong table.

GoPong Pro woman comparison

Most “standard” beer pong tables are 8′ long x 2′ wide x 27.5″ tall. Those dimensions are considered to be official World Series of Beer Pong dimensions but honestly, those dimensions were determined by the beer pong table manufacturer that puts on the World Series of Beer Pong. The main difference with the GoPong Pro and all the other beer pong tables on the market is that it is 36″ tall. The construction and craftsmanship is a bit more heavy duty as well in that these tables were designed to handle a rougher style of play.

You probably have seen videos (many of those videos probably on this website) of people jumping on and destroying a regular beer pong table. Those tables do collapse and succumb to the abuses of a drunken tailgater quite easily. The GoPong Pro is designed to handle people sitting on it, although we would recommend you don’t. And please don’t go finding your buddy that weighs 400 pounds with the dysfunctional thyroid to go and sit on it and then email us that you broke one. Just know it is big enough and heavy duty enough to withstand the rigors of an intense game of beer pong.

We had a sample to try out and for fun we set it up next to a “standard” beer pong table so you can see the difference. We used a table that was manufactured by the now defunct EZ Pong company to represent the “standard” sized beer pong table.

As you can see in the gallery, the GoPong Pro folds in half in a four foot by two foot rectangle while the EZ Pong table folds into four quadrants of two foot by two foot. Because the GoPong Pro folds in half, the legs are one piece and do not require you to raise the table by pushing on those snapping buttons. The middle legs that form an “X”, unfold and extend as you open up the table. Despite being a bit bigger and only folding in half, the set up takes less time than the standard sized tables. All you have to do is unfold the two legs on the ends and place it on level ground.

Normally when a product is bigger and heavier than its competitors we tend to favor the original for tailgating purposes. We all know space is limited in a tailgating vehicle and portability and finding room for an item in a limited cargo area is key when going tailgating. Despite being a bit bigger, we liked the fact that the set up of the GoPong Pro was faster and easier than some of the smaller tables. If you have a little extra room in your car, the time you save setting it up at the parking lot would be well worth the space sacrifice in the car.

Regarding the price, we did some snooping online and found it for as cheap as $99 on Amazon. It says it is normally priced at 119.99 so we are unsure if this is a limited time sale price or not. Honestly if you compare that price to other beer pong tables on the market, that price may be even cheaper than those. We are unsure of how long that price will be valid so if you like what you are reading, you better pull the trigger before the price goes up.

Based on the price, quality of craftsmanship and the ease of set up and play, we are going to say the GoPong Pro is definitely “Tailgate Approved”.

GoPong Football Tables

Posted by Dave On October - 13 - 2011

It was back in February of 2010 when we introduced you to the GoPong Beer Pong Table. Back then, the GoPong beer pong table was only available in a standard black color with a very simple theme. The major benefit was that it was a high quality beer pong table but at basically half the price as the competition. Well, GoPong recently introduced a new set of tables with football field gridiron designs and have managed to keep their prices low once again.

GoPong Football Beer Pong Table

The GoPong Football Field table shown above is the 8′ x 2′ version that is ideal for playing beer pong while tailgating. The 8′ x 2′ x 27.5″ size is 100% regulation World Series of Beer Pong dimensions. And unlike those other guys that are selling football themed beer pong tables but not calling them “beer pong tables”, (please read: NFL Beer Pong Table Is Pure Hypocrisy) GoPong knows what’s up and isn’t trying to insult your intelligence. To prove our point, the GoPong Football Tailgating Table does not come with some lame 2′ wide table tennis net. They know you aren’t going to be playing table tennis on it and you would just throw that away. What they did include was a sleeve underneath the playing surface that holds six beer pong balls. We particularly like the addition of the ball holder sleeve because now your table and balls are all together. No more having to remember to bring along your package of beer pong balls because they are already neatly tucked inside the folded table. Once at your tailgate, simply unfold the table, reach underneath and six balls are there waiting.

Another extra added feature includes a latch that holds the table together at the middle fold. This just provides a little extra stability when opened and in play mode in case someone bumps the table from too much leaning. When it is time to pack up and head inside the game, flip up the latch and fold the table up like normal. Of course the GoPong Football Table is not just for beer pong. You can play flip cup or quarters on it as well.

If you are still a football fan but not a beer pong player and do not need a tailgating table that is eight feet long, the folks at GoPong have you covered. They also offer a four foot version of the same football field themed tailgating table. The main difference is that it is half the size as the beer pong table and folds in half instead of in quarters. Other than those major differences, both football tailgating tables from GoPong are made from the same high quality construction and craftsmanship you would expect.

As far as these tables being “Tailgate Approved”, we can definitely say yes, they are. To take our endorsement even further, we have added both the 8′ GoPong Beer Pong Table and the 4′ Tailgating Table to our tailgating gear stash we bring to the games. And we didn’t just add them to our tailgating kit because we got them for free. We added them because we liked the products so much that we actually bought them with our own money. (When was the last time we PAID for a piece of tailgating gear? It’s been a long time we can tell you that.) Take a look at some of the photos we shot of our own tables.

As you can see in the above gallery (click individual images for a larger view) the GoPong Football Tailgating Tables come with a generic football field design complete with yard lines, hash marks and end zones. For those of you wanting to take it up a notch and support your favorite team, you can easily customize these tables to any team logo you can think of. We chose to customize our GoPong Tailgating Tables to support the San Diego Chargers. It was simple and affordable and gave our tables that authentic look using officially licensed logos. Here is how we did it:

We went to Skinit.com and browsed their selection of officially licensed Tailgate Packs. Keep in mind the GoPong 8′ Football Beer Pong Table is 2 feet wide by 8 feet long so consider those dimensions when browsing the tailgate packs. Visualize which skins you would like to place in the end zones and which ones would look good on the middle panels of the table. Order your tailgate pack for your team and you now can customize your table to support your team. The best part is because the Skinit Tailgate Packs are designed to affix to the exterior of your car, they are waterproof and weatherproof so they can withstand the rigors of a beer pong game with plenty of tips and spills.

The specs on the GoPong 8′ Football Beer Pong Table are:
• Size Unfolded: 8′ x 2′ x 27.5″ high (World Series of Beer Pong Regulation Size)
• Size Folded: 2′ x 2′ x 5″
• Weight: 21 lbs
• High strength aluminum frame
• Football Field Tabletop Design
• Waterproof melamine surface
• Ergonomic carrying handles
• 6 Ball capacity ball holding sleve

The specs on the GoPong 4′ Football Tailgating Table are:
• Size Unfolded: 4′ x 2′ x 27.5″ high
• Size Folded: 2′ x 2′ x 3″
• Weight: 12 lbs
• High strength aluminum frame
• Football Field Tabletop Design
• Waterproof melamine surface
• Ergonomic carrying handles

Because we found these tailgating tables to be “Tailgate Approved” and because we bought them with our money, we believe in these items. We have decided they would make a great addition to our online tailgating gear store and at an affordable price. The GoPong 8′ Football Beer Pong Table is $119.95 with shipping included and the 4′ GoPong Tailgating Table is less than $80 with shipping included. If you are interested in the 8′ GoPong Football Beer Pong table click HERE. If you like the versatility of the shorter table, click HERE to get a GoPong 4′ Football Tailgating Table.

GoBar Portable Bar

Posted by Dave On September - 21 - 2011

When it comes to tailgating, we all would like to recreate all the creature comforts of a house party while in the parking lot outside a stadium or concert arena. Having a bar set up is rather difficult because of the inherent nature that they are big, bulky and hard to transport. Years ago we discovered the Mobile Tiki Bar but if you are not a Jimmy Buffett fan or you would rather just have a portable bar that is not so tropical, you were out of luck. Now, from the makers of the GoPong Beer Pong Table comes the GoBar. A portable bar that is functional and versatile with three different themes no matter where your tailgate takes place.

GoBar with three skirts

The GoBar with three skirt options

First things first. Just so we are clear, we were not compensated to review this product. We actually purchased this product with our own money so therefore you know our opinion of this product is fair, balanced and unbiased.

Right off the bat, the first thing we noticed when receiving the box was how thin it was. Knowing this was the outter box and we knew the carrying bag inside would make the product even smaller was pretty exciting. Knowing this portable bar would not take up too much room in our tailgating vehicle made us feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. The size of the GoBar when folded up and in the carrying bag is 39″ x 15″ x 3″. The three inches is the key here because you can easily slide the GoBar along side your folding tailgating table or even your beer pong table and you aren’t sacrificing too much space in your vehicle.

Once parked, the GoBar opens to a height of 36″. All you have to do is extend the legs out and place it on the ground. Insert the storage shelf that will hold your bottles, mixers, ice bucket and whatever else you may need and it will also provide extra rigid support for the legs. The storage shelf can hold a maximum of 25 pounds as can the top of the bar. (Honestly, if you have 50 pounds of booze and mixers between the shelf and the bar top, you may need to go to an AA meeting.)

Included with the GoBar are three wraps or skirts. There is the traditional black skirt for possibly a more formal look. There is the Tiki skirt for those Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney concerts. Since it is football season, you can also go with the football gridiron skirt. All three can be attached to the legs of the GoBar and wrap around three sides of it using velcro. They are easily applied and stay on until you are ready to break down and head into the game or concert.

The GoBar literally sets up in about 60 to 90 seconds. I timed myself the first time I took it out of the box and my set up time was around the 90 second mark. The second time I set it up I was right around the 60 second mark because I was more familiar with the way it set up. But honestly, we are talking a difference of 30 seconds to have a portable bar up and available at your next tailgate.

Here are the specs on the GoBar:

  • Size When Open – 39″ x 15″ x 36″
  • Size When Closed – 39″ x 15″ x 3″
  • Weight – 12 pounds
  • Includes 3 interchangeable front skirts – Tiki, Football, and Formal
  • Hidden secondary storage shelf
  • High Strength Aluminum Frame
  • Waterproof MDF Surface
  • Skirt Material: Polyester (not machine washable)
  • Max Weight on Bar Surface: 25 pounds
  • Max Weight on Storage Shelf: 25 pounds

We enjoyed the GoBar so much that we have added it to our personal cache of tailgating gear permanently. It takes up so little room and sets up so quickly, whether we plan on serving a large amount of drinks while tailgating, it will not hurt to have it in the car “just in case”.

Because we think the GoBar is a fantastic addition to any tailgating set up, we have chosen to add it to our online Tailgating Gear store. You can purchase your own GoBar for $89.99 plus $20 flat rate shipping.

To get your own GoBar, visit: shop.tailgatingideas.com/gobar-portable-bar




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