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Posted by Dave On October - 12 - 2010

Bocce NationIf you are out tailgating and you are playing tailgating games, more than likely you are throwing something. Tossing games seem to dominate the tailgating parking lots across the America. Games like cornhole, beer pong, washers and ladder golf are the four horsemen when it comes to tailgating games. Those games seem to be everywhere so if you want to try something new, why not play one of the oldest games known the man? Bocce Ball.

Bocce Ball has been around for centuries sharing a common ancestry from the ancient games played in the Roman Empire before evolving into its present form. Since the game has been around since the dawn of time, why are you reading about it just now? Because Boccenation.com recently developed Bocce-in-a-Bag, a complete Bocce Ball game set with the tailgater in mind. Fully self-contained and easily transportable to a tailgate party, the Bocce-in-a-Bag set will help your tailgate stand out from all the others. Take a look at the game in real tailgating environments. (Click images to see larger views)

We’ve all seen the standard Bocce Ball set that is collecting dust in your grandparents’ basement. Bocce Nation has taken the standard Bocce Ball set and brought it into the 21st Century. I was fortunate to have received a sample Bocce-in-a-Bag game set complimentary. When I opened the bag I was surprised to see more than just a Little White Ball (LWB) and eight colored bocce balls. In the Bocce-in-a-Bag comes a drink holder / scorecard holder that you can place in the ground. In addition to that all important tailgating accessory, the kit also came with an all-weather, portable (36′ x 7′) bocce court with stakes. The one thing I liked the most was “The Determinator”. This is a patent pending measuring device that it a stick with a plastic cup on the end that goes over the LWB. When trying to determine which team’s ball is closest to the LWB, place the Determinator over the LWB. A tape measure is conveniently located on this device so you can measure out those distances to the LWB exactly without having to eye ball it and guess. Very cool and very handy in order to squash those potential arguments from “overly competitive tailgate gamer” type of guy. Take a look at how to play Bocce Ball from this quick demo video that Bocce Nation put together.

So now that you know how to play Bocce Ball, there is no excuse to have to settle for the same old, boring tailgating game next time you hit the parking lot. To review the specs on the Bocce Nation Bocce-in-a-Bag kit:

  • All-weather, portable (36’ x 7’) bocce court with stakes.
  • Bocce and beverage scoring stand with scoreboard and beverage holder.
  • BocceNation.com simplified rules scoreboard and six (6) scoring arrows.
  • “LWB” 60mm “Little White Ball.”
  • Eight (8) BocceNation.com custom-colored 107mm bocce balls.
  • How to play BocceNation.com bocce rule book.
  • “The Determinator” patent pending bocce measuring device.
  • Custom All-In-One carrying case with shoulder strap.

The Bocce-in-a-Bag kit will run you $139.00 when you purchase it online from BocceNation.com. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook fan page which can be found HERE.

Pub WashersWhen it comes to tailgating games, throwing something through the air is the activity that seems to dominate the tailgating lot. Whether it is cornhole, ladder golf, beer pong or even original washers, tossing objects while pre-gaming is synonymous with tailgating. Now it is time to add Pub Washers into the mix as a great tailgating game option.

Pub Washers is a portable table top game made for indoor or outdoor play. Ideally suited for a tailgate party, Pub Washers is small enough to travel easily and is attractive enough for the home game room when your team is playing on the road. Unlike traditional washer toss games, Pub Washers is meant to be played on an elevated surface like a folding table or even the bed/tailgate of your truck. The ideal height is 29 inches above the ground which is the the standard height of most tables. Since Pub Washers has a smaller playing surface compared to traditional washer toss games you place on the ground, this tailgating game requires a little more aim and finesse. Another major difference is that you stand six (6) feet away from the front edge of the game box to make your throws. As you can see from the photos below, the carpeted scoring surface is encompassed by an attractive box with a trough to catch errant tosses. With Pub Washers, there is no more bending down and picking up washers off of a filthy tailgating parking lot. (Click images to view Pub Washer game board in larger detail.)

Pub Washers Front View

Pub Washers Side ViewPub Washers Rear ViewPub Washers Overhead ViewPub Washers Scoring Tower

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Video: How To Play Beer Pong Like A Champ

Posted by Dave On May - 21 - 2009

Although their techniques may be questionable, there is no doubt you will get a chuckle or two out of this instructional video on how to dominate the game of beer pong. It’s an added bonus that they shot this outside thus simulating the environment where beer pong is played while tailgating.

Weekend Wrap #63: Tailgating with Kids Edition

Posted by Dave On May - 11 - 2009

So if you are one of the 344 people following me on Twitter you’ve already probably seen the accompanying photos. (Click on them for a larger view) If not, let me explain before we jump into this week’s links.

A great friend of mine from back in college, let’s call him Captain Dan, and I recently met up last month to tailgate for a fraternity reunion. Of course I dragged out all my tailgating gear and everyone had a great time. Captain Dan had such a good time he invited me to tag along this past Saturday. His son’s Little League team was invited to Angel Stadium to walk the field and take in the game later that night. He and the other parents wanted to make a great day of it, naturally, and planned to get there early and tailgate. Captain Dan calls me up knowing full well that I love to tailgate and offered to supply food and drink if I bring the Freedom Grill and a few more tailgating essentials. Sounds like a fair trade for me plus I would have shown up had he not offered to pick up the food and beverages. I love tailgating that much.

So I meet Dan and his family outside the stadium at a little past noon. Gates open at noon for a 6 pm first pitch. (Heeeeellllllllooooooooo? Are you listening San Diego Chargers? Apparently six hours of tailgating is not a big issue in Anaheim.) We set up all of our stuff and settled in for some awesome tailgating. This is where even a veteran tailgater like myself can learn something new.

I normally tailgate with adults so this was a new experience for me. Unpacking chairs, turning on music and just hanging out and talking for four hours while tailgating is the norm. That doesn’t fly when you are hosting a tailgate for a Little League team. This is where I learned that tailgating games might be even more essential than a grill or chairs. The attention span of an eight year-old is not that large so in order to combat boredom, games are the way to go. I’m so glad I brought the Beco Ball, Washeroos and the Sholf games. I didn’t have to break out the HillBilly Golf game because the other three games kept the kids occupied the entire time. Although I will admit that the bean bags for the Beco Ball game were used as baseballs for a pick-up streetball/stickball game with coolers and folded sweatshirts used as bases. Hey, it was a bunch of kids who play Little League. What would you expect? Two hand touch football?

The parents on the other hand were busy socializing and having a good time. The one “tailgating game” they did partake in was the Flabongo. That little number went over well and was quite popular all day. So all in all, it was good time had by all, parents and kids. So my advice to you is if you are tailgating with kids, bring the tailgating games.When you are working on your third Flabongo, you’ll thank me.

Now, on with this week’s links….

More Beer Pong Options With BJ’s Beer Pong Tables

Posted by Dave On November - 5 - 2008

Beer Pong as a tailgating game is evolving. It has moved out of the frat houses and the basements of America and has firmly entrenched itself as a staple of any tailgating parking lot. With increased popularity comes the desire to stand out and have your beer pong game get you noticed. Outside of making insanely difficult shots, the No. 1 thing that gets you noticed will be your beer pong table design. That’s why I am offering the opportunity to buy unique and quality designed BJ’s Beer Pong tables directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.

Standard sized  2′ x 8′ beer pong tables

BJs King of Pong Beer Pong TableBJs Major League of Beer Pong Table

(Click images to view larger size.)

As you can see in the above images, all BJ’s Beer Pong Tables are hard top beer pong tables that are made of high quality aluminum that makes them sturdy yet lightweight for easy transport to a tailgate party. The rubberized grips and mats hold your cups in place to prevent tips, slides and spills even when wet. And when you are done playing and ready to head into the game, just fold it up and it fits back into your car perfectly.

Flat rate FedEx shipping rates apply and the standard original tables cost $26 flat rate shipping. The price on the standard tables is $124.95 + shipping. So if you want to stand out from the rest of the tailgaters out there playing beer pong, you’ll definitely want to get one of these themed beer pong tables.

After you have gotten your beer pong table, may we suggest these other items that will enhance your next game of beer pong.





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