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Freedom Grill making a come back?

Posted by Dave On March - 2 - 2015

Freedom Grill FG-50 Tailgating Grill

If you are a regular or a casual reader of this tailgating blog, you probably have a grasp on how we have held the Freedom Grill in such high regard. What’s not to love about a bad ass grill you can put on the back of your car, take to the game, start grilling on a full-sized grill and then pack it away, lock it up and go inside the game without the grill leaking grease or dirt all over your truck or SUV?

Unfortunately because of a number of twists and turns in the economy among other exterior factors, the Freedom Grill is no longer in production. It went through some changes over the years and even went by a different name, the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill. The bottom line is you can no longer buy these tailgating grills and if you have one, consider yourself lucky. If you want the entire story in nauseating detail as to why the Freedom Grill and Margaritaville Grills are no longer in production, feel free to check out the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy we published three years ago.

So why am I publishing a post about something that is extinct? Let’s just say I have been hearing things which opens up the door for a glimmer (emphasis on the term glimmer) of hope that Freedom Grill may be coming back.

Let’s be clear here – this is not any shred of an announcement that Freedom Grill is coming back and will start producing FG-50s any time soon. We are not saying that at all. What we are saying is the conversations are starting to pick up and the possibility of a Freedom Grill return is brighter than it has been in a number of years. And to be honest, the last three years the prospects for a return were pretty grim. So any conversation is better than none.

With that said, once we hear something that we can pass along, we will surely do that. But in the meantime, here are a few videos of the Freedom Grill to remind everyone how awesome it was.


UNC Charlotte Tailgating Grill

Posted by Dave On September - 18 - 2013

UNC Charlotte Tailgating Grill

Much to the chagrin of tailgaters everywhere, the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill, and to a larger extent the Freedom Grill FG-50, are not completely extinct but spotting one in a tailgating parking lot is like seeing a 1956 Desoto on a road trip. We even gave these grills a proper send off when we wrote the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy back in March of 2012. Reader Brent emailed us saying he had customized his Margaritaville Grill and wanted to share photos of it. His email said,

Hey Guys,

My alma mater has finally started a football progam and it’s off to a great start. To support my Charlotte 49ers, I’ve customized my Margaritaville Grill and would like to send you pics for your website. Where/how can I send you pics of my grill?

Thanks, Brent

As you may have guessed, we were definitely interested in seeing his handy work. He sent in the photos and check it out. (Click images to see larger, detailed view)

As you can see in the above gallery, Brent’s attention to detail was unrivaled and he even customized his propane tank.

Nice work Brent and glad to see the few grills out there getting some spirit.

Freedom Grill & Margaritaville Grill spare parts update

Posted by Dave On March - 28 - 2013

UPDATE: We are currently sold out of spare parts. We apologize but we no longer have any Freedom Grill FG-50 or Margaritaville Grill parts to sell.

It was just about a year ago when we published the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy. About six months later we also published an article stating that we had Freedom Grill & Margaritaville Grill spare parts for sale. These were parts that were left over from broken grills we had purchased while we were customizing these grills to teams colors and logos. As you can see from the accompanying photo, we still have some Freedom Grill and Margaritaville spare parts left, but they are getting more and more scarce.

Margaritaville Spare Parts

Margaritaville Spare Parts

As you can see in the photo, the number of spare parts we still have is dwindling. A quick look in the warehouse and this is what we still have that would fit a Freedom Grill FG-50 or a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill.

  • 2 – Grill Grates
  • 3 – Tilt-out condiment trays
  • 5 – Legs
  • 1 – Side handle
  • 2 – Gas regulator manifolds
  • 2 – Left side panels
  • 1 – Right side panel
  • 1 – Front bezel
  • 4 – Temperature control knobs
  • 3 – Temperature gauges
  • 4 – Ignitor push buttons
  • Numerous screws and washers for the parts and pieces on a FG-50 and/or Margaritaville Grill

You can tell that the scarcity of these parts will go up with time. The complete grills are super rare now and we even saw one listed on eBay for $899.00 and that was just the starting bid. The “Buy It Now” price was $1,299.00 and they were asking for $199.00 for shipping on top of that!

If your grill is in need of repair and could use some parts that we have, please use the form found on our Contact page and let us know what you need and your zip code to estimate shipping costs. Even if your grill is working perfectly but you want to make sure you have parts for if it does break, contact us as well. We will offer a price quote based on which parts you are interested in and how far we will have to ship them.

Top 10 Posts of 2012

Posted by Dave On January - 1 - 2013

Top 10 trophyToday is New Year’s Day 2013. More than likely you spent the day binging on college football bowl games and drinking massive amount of water and sports drinks to rehydrate yourself from ringing in the new year with a few too many cocktails the night before. In between bowl games and watching over and over Jadeveon Clowney’s huge hit in the 2013 Outback Bowl, we spent the day looking back at the year that was 2012 for us here at TailgatingIdeas.com.

We started the year off by attending the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show out in Las Vegas checking out some of the newest tailgating gear coming onto the market. Later that month we joined forces with Tailgating Digest to help that magazine get off the ground. Sadly, it was just not in the cards for Tailgating Digest to put out their inaugural issue as projected and the magazine cited a lack of advertisers for the reason they were unable to publish their first issue. In June, Tailgating Ideas reverted back to the look and theme prior to joining forces with Tailgating Digest and continued to publish articles and blog posts on product reviews, recipes, cartoons and humor pieces.

As in years past, Tailgating ideas was recognized in a number of mainstream publications. Regular readers of Tailgating Ideas have grown accustomed to some of our more significant posts getting picked up by Sports Illustrated in their Extra Mustard section. 2012 was no different with at least three or four mentions in Sports Illustrated last year. In addition to SI, Tailgating Ideas was also featured in the Costco Connection October 2012 edition. Most might not think of the magazine that promotes people to shop at Costco being a big deal but it is actually a really big deal. Costco Connection has over eight million subscribers so landing in a magazine of that size is quite significant.

In October 2012, Popular Mechanics relied heavily on information they pulled from Tailgating Ideas to put together their 7 Gameday Gadgets for Your Next Tailgate feature. With an average monthly circulation of over a million readers we were quite pleased to land on the pages of Popular Mechanics.

Although the results of our involvement in the Visa #MakeitEpic Super Bowl campaign won’t be seen until 2013, we did fly to New York, got to meet Hines Ward and they filmed me talking about how to make your Super Bowl party into an epic tailgate party themed party. The footage in this campaign will be released via the Visa online social media channels and we will keep you posted on when those come out.

All in all, 2012 was a good year for Tailgating Ideas. In looking at our traffic statistics, our number of visitors in 2012 increased over those from 2011 and the years prior. Steady growth is always what we are striving for and that includes increasing the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers as well. So now that we have gotten enough of the chest thumping and back patting out of the way, let’s list the Top 10 Blog Posts from 2012 that appeared on TailgatingIdeas.com.

Frost Boss Featured

10. Frost Boss – Coming in at number 10 was our product review of the Frost Boss. Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical of a device that spins a canned beverage in ice and takes it from room temperature to ice cold in two minutes without making it fizz or explode upon opening. We were sent a sample during the summer and ran it through it’s paces thoroughly. Needless to say it passed the tests with flying colors. Apparently a lot of you were also equally impressed and made it our No. 10 most popular post of the year.

9. Conversion Vans – Surprising to us was that a guest post, written by Blake Arbogast on tailgating with a Conversion Van made it into the Top 10. But after re-reading it, it was sharply written and included a lot of great information for those not quite ready to make the leap to RV tailgating but wanted something more than tailgating out of the back of your pick-up truck.

BasketPong angled

BasketPong angled

8. BasketPong – It takes a lot for a new tailgating product to make us take a step back and say “wow”. While out in Las Vegas for the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show, Basketpong did just that. Basically what it is is a game that has taken the game play and fun of beer pong, taken it vertical and implemented elements of the game of basketball. Did we also mention that on top of all that it can float in water? Just remove the bottom and middle posts, plug the base with the included plug, take the top post and insert it into the base and it can float in water. By making it the eighth most popular post on the website in 2012, apparently you readers were as impressed with it as we were.

7. Krewe of Monroeaux Tailgating Trailer – From time to time we feature what we call “Righteous Rigs”. Those are either tailgating trailers, RVs, converted ambulances or other vehicles specifically outfitted for one thing; tailgating. The Krewe of Monroeaux, an LSU tailgating group submitted photos and a description of their tailgating trailer and we shared them with all of you. Our feature of their righteous rig got a lot of attention and ended up getting passed around on social media and ended up on a few LSU message boards.

6. Tailgating Intervention – Back in July before football season started, we found this clever video on YouTube that spoofed the popular TV show on A&E “Intervention”. Instead of the addict being addicted to something like drugs, alcohol or gambling, this spoof featured a guy that had an addiction to tailgating outside of football season.

5. Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy – Any long time reader of this tailgating blog knows how we felt about the Freedom Grill FG-50 and the Margaritaville Tailgating grill. It pained us dearly in March of this past year when we had to publish the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy. In order to tell the complete story of the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill we had to tell the story of the Freedom Grill FG-50 as their history and stories were intertwined. The writing was on the wall in the spring of 2012 as these grills become more and more scarce and nearly impossible to buy. The FG-50 and Margaritaville were never given a proper burial but we hope our eulogy provided adequate closure to those who loved these tailgating grills as much as we did.

Red Solo Cup Koozies4. Red Solo Cup Koozies – Red Solo party cups are as common at tailgate parties as 40 year-old virgins are at comic book conventions. Although country music artist Toby Keith sang the praises of the Red Solo Cup in 2012, the main drawback is they do not insulate your beverage very well. We had the opportunity to test out and review a fun new drink koozie that not only keeps your beverage can cold but resembles a Red Solo Cup. Little did we know that our Red Solo Cup Koozie Review would become the fourth most popular blog post in 2012.

3. Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Every year it seems as though people are stumped to find gifts for the tailgaters in your life. After all, what do you get the tailgater who already has everything. Hopefully each year we put out our Holiday Gift Guide for tailgaters it provides a little bit of help and a possible suggestion to make someone’s holiday gift giving experience a little easier. This year’s guide was picked up by Sports Illustrated which gave it a boost in visitors despite only having been published on the site with two weeks to go before the end of the year.

2. Father’s Day Gift Guide – Based on the past successes of our holiday gift giving guides we thought we would introduce the Father’s Day Gift Guide. Our suspicions proved to be right on in that Sports Illustrated picked up on this gift guide and posted it in the June 11, 2012 edition of Hot Clicks. They even gave it a shout out and made a comment that the iPhone case that is a bottle opener was quite intriguing. On the strength of the visitors coming in from Sports Illustrated plus the overall interest, vaulted the Father’s Day Gift Guide to the No. 2 most popular post in 2012.
Bacon Roses
1. Bacon Roses – It is no secret here that our love for bacon runs deep. And seeing how Valentine’s Day is typically not a holiday for tailgating seeing how football season is done and baseball spring training hasn’t even started, we thought this would be a fun way to bring a little bit of tailgate flavor to an otherwise boring holiday. The step-by-step instructions are right there so if you need a Tailgating Valentine’s Day Idea, you are good to go.

That wraps another year of tailgating fun and instruction. This past August marked the five year anniversary of this tailgating blog after starting it in 2007. We hope to do many of more of these yearly wrap-ups and hope that 2013 is our best year yet. If current trends keep up by improving on the previous years, that is one new year’s resolution we can keep.

Burger Pocket Press

Freedom Grill & Margaritaville Grill spare parts for sale

Posted by Dave On October - 9 - 2012

UPDATE: We are currently sold out of spare parts. We apologize but we no longer have any Freedom Grill FG-50 or Margaritaville Grill parts to sell.

We wish we could turn back the hands of time and go back to a few years ago when Freedom Grill was still manufacturing the Freedom Grill FG-50. Unfortunately for tailgaters, the Freedom Grill FG-50 was turned into the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill in 2009 and that company has chosen to cease manufacturing those grills for the foreseeable fututre. (We wrote all about it last spring in the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy.)

There are still a few Margaritaville Grills for sale floating around out there on the internet but just based on basic supply and demand, the prices being asked for these few remaining grills are upwards of an arm and a leg and maybe a first born child.

Because of this turn of events, those who were lucky enough to get an FG-50 or a Margaritaville Grill in the past have been searching for replacement parts for their grills. Nothing last forever especially a grill when put through the rigors of multiple tailgating seasons. Sometimes things wear out or break and because these grills are so scarce, many tailgaters are looking to repair and replace the broken parts rather than buy a new grill. As a result of us discussing the Freedom Grill and the Margaritaville Grill on this tailgating blog for years, we tend to come up a lot on Google and other search engine results when people are looking for information on these grills. Lately we have been getting a number of emails from people asking us where they can buy replacement parts for their grills. The simple answer to those questions is, “we have a very limited supply of replacement parts that we would be willing to part with them”.

The reason why we have some of the parts that fit the Freedom Grill FG-50 and the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill is because for a few years we would customize these grills to specific teams colors and logo emblems. Over the course of doing these custom jobs, we somehow ended up with left over parts that were removed from grills that were either damaged, scratched or for whatever reason, not suitable for customization. So the parts that were salvaged from these grills were still working perfectly but were attached to a grill that was not-so-perfect.

With all of that said, we have a number of spare parts that we are not making available if some of those FG-50 and Margaritaville Grill owners out there are in need of some replacement parts. Some of the replacement parts we have available are: temperature gauges for the grill lid, side panels, tilt out condiment trays, side handles, propane regulators, legs, fold out tables, grill grates, grease vaporizers, burners and front lid handles. We even have the patented swing arms that made these grills so popular in that it transports the grill on the rear of your car via the 2″ tow hitch and swings away from your vehicle when in use.

If you are in need of replacement parts, please use the Contact form and send us an email. In your email, please tell us what part you are in need of replacing and we will see if we have something that can help. Even if you don’t know the correct name of the part you need, describe it the best you can and we will try and figure it out what exactly it is that you need. Based on what parts you need and shipping, we will then offer you a price quote on what you can expect to pay for the parts and shipping. Please include your zip code in your email so we can best estimate the shipping costs to your specific location.

As mentioned above, we have a very small and limited supply of these replacement parts. Some parts we only have one of a quantity while others we have three or four. It just all depends on what parts you may need and if we happen to have one.

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