flippy cup

  • Video: Single Player Flip Cup

    Normally a game of flip cup you have teams of four on each side of the table. Check out these Miami Dolphin tailgaters who decided to go head-to-head with a little one-on-one and four cups in a game of flip cup.

  • Video – Massive Game of Flip Cup Needs 4 Tables

    This video really demonstrates that no matter what team is your team, nothing brings people together like a friendly tailgating game. Here a few Univ. of Central Florida fans take on the fans from Univ. of Miami in a massive game of flip cup requiring four tables.

  • Video: Dominating Survivor Flip Cup

    If you ever find yourself tailgating at Penn State and you are challenged to a game of flip cup by this guy, respectfully declining is a wise choice. It doesn’t matter if he goes head to head or it is just him vs. a team of players. He will win. Sometime you just have to… Read more »