FedEx Field

  • Redskins Grill

    They always say better late than never. That is the case with this Washington Redskins custom tailgating grill. We customized this grill for a ‘Skins fan who lives in Maryland about two weeks ago and it has already been shipped and received by him. He tried it out a day or two prior to taking… Read more »

  • Video: Dead Tree Crew Documentary

    By now you are probably familiar with the Dead Tree Crew, the hard partying, rabid fans of the Washington Redskins. They had a film crew come out for the first tailgate of the 2008 season and put it up on YouTube. It’s a new season and new NFL code of conduct but the DTC still… Read more »

  • Video: Attempted Table Break = Epic FAIL!

    This video was up on YouTube but was quickly taken down. Probably because this Redskins tailgater implored whomever took the video to remove it because she was rapidly becoming an internet sensation. (What is it with tailgaters and pulling wrestling moves on tables?)

  • Exclusive Interview With The Mayor Of FedEx Field”>videos

    Love him or hate him, you have to admit that when you think of the Mayor of FedEx Field and the Dead Tree Crew, you immediately think of tailgating. The Dead Tree Crew (the DTC as they have abbreviated it) has been the subject of write-up in Deadspin,┬áMr Irrelevant, videos on YouTube and in January… Read more »