fantasy football

  • Fantasy Football is Evil

    I admit it. I used to do it too.   Regardless, I still feel the need to complain and vent about it.  Maybe reading about it will help you stop doing it too. What is this guy talking about?  Fantasy football of course.  Read on and you will understand my frustration. I am driving home from… Read more »

  • Win A ‘Fan Cave’ By Playing Rush for 2K Yards Challenge

    Johnsonville Sausage has been a tremendous supporter of tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle. So it is natural that they would come up with a giveaway and contest that tailgaters are most assuredly going to like. Johnsonville recently rolled out their “Rush for 2,000 Yards Challenge” fantasy football game. The grand prize winner will receive… Read more »

  • This Guy’s Perfect Vacation

    Is my GREAT mood due to having another holiday weekend upon us?!?  Maybe, but not really.  If you are an avid visitor of this site you no doubt know the true reason behind this fan’s excitement! The NFL season is here once again!  Nothing better my friends.  And in the spirit of the upcoming season… Read more »

  • Tailgating & Fantasy Football

    I’ll admit it. I am a fantasy football player. Not that that statement makes me special because there are millions of us out there. So not only are many of us football fans chomping at the bit for the tailgating season to start, we are also ready to draft that perfect fantasy team. So why… Read more »