environmental tailgating

  • EnviroTabs Review

    When you think of essential tailgating gear you will need to go tailgating, images of grills, pop-up tents, folding chairs and ice chests immediately leap to mind. Unfortunately the most important piece of tailgating gear is forgotten. Your vehicle that gets you to the stadium is paramount. Without it you wouldn’t be able to get… Read more »

  • Soulra XL Solar iPod Speakers

    The tailgating parking lot is not just a place to have a sandwich and kill some time before kick-off. Tailgating has gone high tech with MP3 players, portable sound systems, plasma TVs showing the early football games and some people will bring out their laptops or tablets and surf the web all while sitting in… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #41: OU vs. UF Edition

    Was anyone really surprised when the final BCS rankings came out and Oklahoma and Florida were matched up to play in the National Championship game? This time of the year the BCS is about as predictable as an 80 year-old about an hour after a bran muffin. I am sure the whinners down in Austin… Read more »