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  • Daiquiri Whacker Review

    From time to time we get emails from readers submitting their own tailgating gear review of a product that our team of writers have yet to review ourselves. These guest reviews are always welcome because they provide a little deeper perspective from those tailgaters out there in the lots week in and week out. This… Read more »

  • We’re Now On Facebook

    After years of avoiding it, we have finally caved to the peer pressure. TailgatingIdeas.com now has an official Facebook Fan Page. That means you can “Like” us on Facebook and keep up with us even more closely. To visit the Tailgating Ideas Facebook Fan Page, Click HERE. After years of resisting, why did we finally… Read more »

  • Cleveland Muni Lot Outrage & Petition

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I hate it when I am right. Back in January I put together a few Predictions On Tailgating for 2010. My first prediction was tailgating times will get smaller and restrictions will grow. It seems as though I was dead on when it comes… Read more »