Dallas Cowboys

  • Dallas Cowboys Tailgating Grill

    Since customizing these grills over the years it has been surprising which teams we tend to get a lot of requests for and some teams none at all. Much to our surprise we had not customized a Dallas Cowboys tailgating grill… until now. As you can see in the above photos, we customized this Dallas… Read more »

  • Sort of Like Cheers, but Better


    What is the color of jealousy?  Whatever it is go ahead and color me that color because this NFL tailgater is REALLY jealous! The jealousy has a bit of anger mixed in as well, with the anger being directed at the NFL schedule makers.  The Eagles start this season with two road games.  Sure winning… Read more »

  • Video: Passed Out Bears Fan

    Here at TailgatingIdeas.com, we strive to encourage all of our readers and visitors to adhere to our motto of “Don’t Just Tailgate, Tailgate Better”. Apparently this guy in the video doesn’t read our silly little blog. Had he understood that drinking too much and passing out while tailgating before the Cowboys vs. Bears game was… Read more »

  • Video: Texas Stadium Implosion Tailgate Party

    So how do you bid farewell to a stadium that has hosted so many great teams, games and above all, tailgate parties? Have a tailgate party while waiting for Texas Stadium to be imploded. (Skip to the 0:35 mark for the countdown to the big boom.)