Cruzin Cooler

  • Cruzin Cooler Girl

    Cruzin Cooler Review

    They say money can’t buy happiness. That’s true. But it can buy a motorized beer cooler that goes up to 13 MPH. And have you ever seen anyone frowning when riding one of these? Didn’t think so…

  • Take $30 Off Cruzin Coolers Through September 30th

    Everyone loves a great deal. When it is a great deal on tailgating gear it is even better. If you have even seen one of those motorized beer coolers zipping around the tailgate lot and thought you wanted one, now is the time to get one. Not only is your timing perfect because football season… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #43: Crappy Bowls Edition

    So I turn on my TV today thinking I would catch a college basketball game. To my surprise college football was on. Hooray! Then I looked at who was playing. Navy vs. Wake Forrest in the EagleBank Bowl… Are you serious? And the bowl games that followed weren’t much better. Colorado State vs. Fresno State… Read more »

  • Don’t Drink & Drive – Even on a Beer Cooler

    We all know that drinking and driving any type of vehicle is dangerous and illegal. Just ask Cedric Benson how he feels about drinking and boating. Now comes news that a Whitehall, N.Y. man was charged with “driving while intoxicated after police pulled him over for swerving and driving on the sidewalk on a Cruizin’… Read more »