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  • CoolerDry Giveaway Winner Announced

    Earlier this week we announced the Cooler Dry Giveaway where we were giving away a three-pack of Cooler Dry clips to followers on Twitter. The caveat was the more followers you had, the more entries you would earn. We used the random number generator found on and out of 78 entries it chose No…. Read more »

  • Cooler Dry Giveaway

    Were you with us last week when we introduced you to the Cooler Dry? It is a simple yet ingenious plastic clip that props the lid of your cooler partially open allowing for air circulation and proper evaporation of moisture. As you can imagine it fights the build up of mold, mildew and that awful… Read more »

  • Cooler Dry

    With the NCAA and NFL football seasons coming to a close, it is about that time to start mothballing all your tailgating gear until next season. A lot of tailgaters will just stack and store their gear in a corner of a garage or storage shed and forget about it until it is the start… Read more »