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Be Nice Get Coal Contest

Posted by Brandon On December - 14 - 2013

From an early age most children who are celebrating Christmas are told that if they’re not nice, then they’ll get coal in their stockings. While that may be an effective tactic for getting the kiddos to straighten up, I’d bet that there are some charcoal grillers out there that may see that coal as a pretty nifty gift.  If you’re in that camp you’re in luck.  The good people over at Kingsford decided to reward some good boys and girls, specifically the Georgetown University Grilling Society, with a year’s supply of fuel for their grilling adventures.   The question I’m asking myself is where was the “Grilling Society” when I was in school?




For the rest of us Kingsford has a fun contest going on right now that will reward several lucky individuals with prizes ranging from a year’s supply of their great charcoal to a really fun looking winter hat which I’ve pasted in the article.  All you need to do to enter is between now and January 1, 2014, simply tweet @Kingsford with the hashtag #benicegetcoal for your chance to win.  As with any contest there are Official Rules which I’ve linked here.  Looks like you can enter once a day between now and 1/1/14.   Good Luck.

Vote Nathan for Kingsford Tailgater of the Year

Posted by Dave On September - 27 - 2013

Do you remember a few weeks ago when Brandon posted an announcement about the Kingsford “Tailgater of the Year” Contest? If you do, you recall it was a contest where the grand prize winner could get a custom eight foot carved statue of their own likeness and four tickets to a college football game during Championship Week.

We were informed by one of our readers, Nathan L, that he is one of the finalists. Here’s the photo he submitted:

Tebowing for Kingsfrod

Nathan “Tebowing” For the Kingsford Tailgater of the Year award

If you want to help out a fellow TailgatingIdeas.com reader win this contest, you can help by voting for him. Cast your vote for Nathan at: grilling.com/tailgate

Best of luck Nathan. We hope you win. If you win, any chance Brandon or I get to be one of the people that goes to the college bowl game with you? You know we’ll bring the fun tailgating toys…

Kingsford “Tailgater of the Year” Contest

Posted by Brandon On September - 11 - 2013

A little late reporting this, but there is a fun contest being held by the people over at Kingsford Charcoal.  Basically they’re asking for your photos so they can determine the “Tailgater of the Year.”  You can read the entire set of rules here, but basically you have until the end of the day on September 15th to enter one photo, and you can enter another photo next week.


Other rules include:

•The Submission must be in .jpg or .gif format and must not exceed 8 MB in size;
•The Submission must include a charcoal grill or charcoal; and
•The Submission cannot have been submitted previously in a promotion of any kind.

Grand prize is a custom 8 foot carved statue of the winner, and 4 tickets to a College Football
Game during Championship Week. Not a bad deal. There will also be an instant win contest for some cool prizes that will run with the voting process.

You can see the main site for this promotion at http://www.grilling.com/tailgate/

Obviously we’d love for one of our readers to win this thing.  So good luck and good tailgating.

We’ll leave you with this video from “Coach Carl” who shares his tailgating tips.

Opena iPhone Case

Posted by Guest On May - 11 - 2012

(This is a guest post and product review by Jennifer Vitela from Girls Gone Tailgating. At the bottom of this review learn how you can get one for free.)

iPhone Bottle Opener case

I love Fox’s “New Girl” on Tuesday nights. The one-liners are better than any other sitcom on network TV. Just the other day, Nick and Schmidt pitched their idea for “Real Apps” to Jess’ rich boyfriend. It was basically a Swiss army knife attached to an iPhone. Because who doesn’t want a pocket knife and tweezers glued to the back of their phone? A ridiculous idea. Or was it?

Days later I was tailgating at the USC spring scrimmage when Dave Lamm from TailgatingIdeas.com gave me a little present… one that made me the coolest girl in the parking lot. Because I was the only one who could open a bottle of Pacifico — with my iPhone. That’s right. The Opena Snap-on Hard Case with an Integrated Bottle Opener is an iPhone case with an actual slide out bottle opener!

Read the rest of this entry »

Get Sponsored By Tailgate Beer

Posted by Dave On September - 29 - 2011

Do you eat, sleep and dream about tailgating 24 hours a day? Is your tailgating set-up the envy of the entire parking lot. Do you bring it hard and without remorse every weekend? If this describes you and your tailgating crew, you could earn yourself a sponsorship from Tailgate Beer. Check out their flyer.

Tailgate Beer Sponsorship Flyer

Since tailgate Beer is distributed in a few states including California, Minnesota, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Washington, those tailgaters residing in those states are eligible. Feel free to nominate yourself or someone you know and email the particulars to: [email protected] Good luck.




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