concert tailgating

  • Tunz Speaker

    Tailgating before a concert is a little different than tailgating before a big football game or other sporting event. While it is nice to have some food to grill or some games to play, the only thing you really need for a concert tailgate is music. As long as you have a quality sound system… Read more »

  • Stagecoach kills tailgating

    For those country music fans in Southern California, Stagecoach: California‚Äôs Country Music Festival (or just known as “Stagecoach” to the locals and the regulars) has been a three day festival of the biggest names in country music and home to a lot of tailgating. Apparently the partying has gotten a bit out of hand and… Read more »

  • Post-Tailgate Tips

    So much of the focus of tailgating is always on the actual party in the parking lot. But when it comes right down to it, the reason why you are tailgating is because you are going to be attending a game or concert later. Unless you are grilling and chilling in an abandoned parking lot… Read more »

  • Tailgaters – 1, Jiffy Lube Live – 0

    The tailgaters have won. Under immense pressure by tailgating fans and coordinated efforts to boycott events, concert venue Jiffy Lube Live has announced it will bring back tailgating after banning it last season. Washington Post: Jiffy Lube Live lifts tailgating ban Manassas Patch: Tailgating Returns to Jiffy Lube Live Ticket News: Live Nation relents on… Read more »