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Image of drunken jackass tailgater falling down courtesy of Deadspin

Concert tailgaters tend to be a different breed. Concert tailgating is a lot more of high volume and rapid delivery of alcoholic beverages and not a lot of grilling and food consumption like you see for sporting event tailgating.

Those in Pittsburgh were treated to a Luke Bryan concert and with it came a lot of tailgating. This poor dude probably spent a ton of money on his ticket and never made it into the concert. And to add to it, the WWE fans will appreciate this remix dubbed from the WPXI’s 11 pm news report.

Tunz Speaker

Posted by Rob On September - 30 - 2013

TUNZ Rechargable Speaker

Tailgating before a concert is a little different than tailgating before a big football game or other sporting event. While it is nice to have some food to grill or some games to play, the only thing you really need for a concert tailgate is music. As long as you have a quality sound system and don’t play the music of the band you are going to see (trust me, don’t be that guy), everything will be fine.

When I say “quality sound system,” I am stressing the ‘quality’ part. You do not want to just turn your car radio on, leave the doors open, and hope that your battery doesn’t die. You also do not want to rely on your cell phone, unless you want everyone to gather around you in silence trying to listen to the thin, tinny sound it produces.

Enter the TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker. With its lightweight yet sturdy design and impressive sound quality, these speakers are perfect for tailgating. I recently tested out the speaker system while tailgating before a concert and came away very impressed with the device.

The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker, manufactured by TYLT, is a 12.9 ounce portable wireless speaker that delivers volume levels up to 80 decibels. The device is compatible with Bluetooth Version 3.0, which allows for Wi-Fi quality speed and a more efficient power usage. In fact, the TUNZ speaker can play music for up to 20 hours at 50% volume. If your tailgate is going any longer than that, I think you are going to have bigger problems than running out of music!

Check out their video demonstrating all the features of the UNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker.

Upon arriving at the parking lot, I quickly turned the speaker on, set up my phone’s music player, and rested it on the roof of my car. The TUNZ speaker easily drowned out the music bleeding over from other tailgates, and we were all able to chat, laugh, and enjoy the evening while listening to crisp, high-quality audio.

TUNZ chargingThe speaker can play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. This came in handy as the tailgate wore on and my friends wanted a chance to play some of their music. We easily switched between devices and kept the party going from rock to rap to pop and back. The sound quality remained consistently great across all genres (the bass was definitely bumping!). The TUNZ speaker can also connect to any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so you can play music from a device that does not have Bluetooth. The back of the speaker has both an AUX input and output, and also a universal USB port for charging external devices, so you don’t have to worry about your phone dying before the night is over.

The TUNZ speaker compares favorably to other, more expensive portable speakers. I have tested other speakers and feel like it is the best value on the market for under $200. At $149.99, you are getting all of the features available in other speakers, with top-level sound quality and a sharp, easy-to-use design. When you start looking at products cheaper than TUNZ (and even some in the same price range or higher), you will notice a definite drop-off in the sound quality.

The sound quality is obviously the most important aspect when it comes to portable speakers, but there are some other features that set the TUNZ speakers apart. The speaker comes with 3 interchangeable vibration-cancelling Silicon Bands. While these bands help with the overall sound, they also add a little personal touch to your speaker (I opted for a red one to match my trusty Corolla).

…If your tailgate party lasts longer than 20 hours, I think you have bigger problems than running out of music…

The speaker also functions as a speakerphone when connected to Bluetooth, with a built-in noise cancelling microphone (there is a Call/Answer button on the top of the device). You can call the last number or answer an incoming call directly from the device – perfect for helping a latecomer find your tailgate. The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker is also NFC Enabled and includes the Tagstand NFC launcher App for Android.

Even though the TUNZ speaker is perfect for outdoor events due to its portable nature, I have found myself using it around the house as well. Whenever I am doing the dishes or folding laundry, I will turn on Pandora on my phone and have it play through the speaker. It really makes a difference hearing your favorite music on a quality speaker. And being able to control what is playing with a few swipes on your phone is very nice. You can also upgrade your TV and movie viewings by connecting the speaker to your TV. The lack of wires allows for a nice uncluttered look, and an action-packed movie or sporting event will sound great with the added boost the speaker provides.

Tunz RedIf you are in the market for an upgrade to your speaker system, the TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker is definitely something you will want to consider. The size is compact enough that it will fit in your glove box or center console, yet the sound is clear, rich, and loud. The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect mix of high quality audio and portability, and will instantly transform your next tailgate, picnic, or BBQ into a serious party.

The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker retails for $149.99 and includes the speaker, 3 interchangeable vibration-canceling silicon bands, micro-USB charging cable, 3.5 mm AUX cable, carry bag, and user guide.

For more information on TUNZ and other TYLT products, please visit the TYLT website at: www.tylt.com

Stagecoach kills tailgating

Posted by Dave On October - 18 - 2012

Stagecoach Country Music festival tailgating
For those country music fans in Southern California, Stagecoach: California’s Country Music Festival (or just known as “Stagecoach” to the locals and the regulars) has been a three day festival of the biggest names in country music and home to a lot of tailgating. Apparently the partying has gotten a bit out of hand and the promoters of the festival are cracking down on camping to the point many are calling this the death of tailgating at Stagecoach.

MyDesert.com: Goldenvoice acts to cut Stagecoach partying
The Press-Enterprise: STAGECOACH 2013: All those rowdy friends must settle down

Next year’s Stagecoach Festival will feature Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum and the Zac Brown Band as headliners set for April 26-28, 2013. Other acts scheduled to perform include Hank Williams Jr., Dierks Bentley, Trace Adkins, Darius Rucker, Jerry Lee Lewis and Dwight Yoakam. Tickets for the 2013 edition of Stagecoach go on sale this Saturday, Oct. 20.

The new stricter rules focus on prohibiting car and tent camping, a ban on rented RVs and reducing the number of RVs allowed into the camping area. In addition to the stricter rules, concert promoters might be trying to discourage those fans only showing up to party by raising prices in the RV section. In 2012, RV camping ranged from $350-$850, before fees. For 2012, it will be $855 and $955.

Many longtime and loyal patrons of Stagecoach are crying foul and are threatening to boycott the entire event unless tailgating and camping regulations are more relaxed. An anti-Stagecoach Facebook page titled “Stagecoach 2013!! We want our Festival back” was created on October 9th. In less than two weeks the Facebook page already has close to 3,800 fans.

Fans upset about the new Stagecoach camping and tailgating restrictions have also started a Twitter account, @BoooStagecoach, to push back and voice their disdain with the promoter’s choice to restrict the party. In addition to the social media outcry, many Stagecoach fans have threatened to refuse to buy tickets and some may choose to attend competing country music festivals that do not take a hard stance on camping and tailgating.

Stagecoach camping and TailgatingGoldenvoice, the festival’s Los Angeles-based promoter, defended the camping and tailgating rule changes based on complaints logged by primarily families. Those complaining to the promoter were concerned the event was becoming more focused on partying and debauchery than on the music. Goldenvoice claims fans were complaining it was no longer a festival they felt safe to take children to attend and it was no longer a family friendly environment.

Some recent events do back up those claims. In 2011 a woman was raped by a parking attendant in a parking lot. At this past April’s event, a 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted inside a portable toilet. In 2012, 174 people were arrested at Stagecoach presumably for public drunkenness or disorderly conduct. It is unclear if those arrest were all made in the camping area or inside the concert venue but you can be quite confident the promoters will point to the camping atmosphere and tailgating as the main culprit for the arrests.

Please make no mistake, sexual assaults shielded by the events surrounding the camping and tailgating sections at Stagecoach are unacceptable. With that said, it appears that Goldenvoice is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. By cracking down on the camping and tailgating so severely, instead of solving the problem Goldenvoice may have created a bigger one.

More than likely, those who enjoyed the concerts as much as the camping and tailgating will probably not buy tickets for the 2013 festival. And those families that complained Stagecoach was no longer a family friendly experience will probably sit out 2013’s festival to make sure the changes are effective and more under control.

…You can’t tell us that someone like Toby Keith whose recent hits are “Red Solo Cup” and “I Like Girls That Drink Beer” would not be in support of those who enjoy tailgating before a concert…

We here at TailgatingIdeas.com support responsible tailgating but will not stand idly by when restrictions on tailgating become too harsh and oppresive to the point nobody wants to return.

Our suggestion for those concert goers that want to go to Stagecoach but are upset about the tailgating restrictions, the solution is simple. Speak with your wallet and your checkbooks.

Just don’t buy tickets when they go on sale this Saturday. Just refuse to buy them not only when they first go on sale on Saturday but don’t buy them at all. If Goldenvoice is hit where it hurts the most, in THEIR bank account, they will have to sit up and take notice.

We would also suggest, in addition to not buying tickets, drop an email to those at Goldenvoice telling them why you are not buying tickets this year. Former patrons of Stagecoach need to explain the light ticket sales are not because of a dislike of the musical artists performing in 2013 but because the restrictions and exorbitant fees placed on those camping and tailgating are too harsh.

Lastly, we would suggest contacting the musical artists that have already committed to perform at Stagecoach in 2013 and alert them to the changes being imposed. Contact the fan clubs and try and get in touch with publicists and those that have the artists’ ears. You can’t tell us that someone like Toby Keith whose recent hits are “Red Solo Cup” and “I Like Girls That Drink Beer” would not be in support of those who enjoy tailgating before a concert. Can you imagine if Toby Keith or any of the other headliners pulled out of Stagecoach 2013 and told the promoters it was because of the strict tailgating restrictions? What do you think Goldenvoice would do if that happened?

And before you disregard the idea of putting that much pressure on a concert promoter being effective, just take a look at what the music fans out in the Washington D.C. area did to Jiffy Lube Live when they banned tailgating. The fact remains that when fans act in a grassroots manner and in solidarity, their voices can be heard loud and clear. Don’t discount the effectiveness you can have most notably when you speak loudest by keeping your wallets tucked in your back pockets.

We will keep an eye on this Stagecoach situation as it develops and will update it accordingly. We would encourage all concert tailgaters to tailgate responsibly but there has to be a happy medium outside of what Goldenvoice has chosen to do. Hopefully this gets resolved soon and Stagecoach can still be a great place to have fun before the concerts and during the event.

Burger Pocket Press

Post-Tailgate Tips

Posted by Dave On January - 23 - 2012

Shea Stadium Parking Lot FullSo much of the focus of tailgating is always on the actual party in the parking lot. But when it comes right down to it, the reason why you are tailgating is because you are going to be attending a game or concert later. Unless you are grilling and chilling in an abandoned parking lot somewhere, you will eventually be packing up and heading inside to your event, thus the tailgate party will come to an end. It is this time of the tailgate that we would like to focus on today. Because all too many times we make a mistake or are careless once we leave our parking spot.

Fold in side mirrors – This might seem like a small suggestion but it will save you big money and big headaches in the long run. By simply folding in your side mirrors you reduce the amount of space between your vehicle and the one parked on either side of you. Typically people will walk between cars in order to get to and from the stadium. Typically people have had a few beers when they are doing this. People who have had a few beers don’t typically walk in the straightest of lines. So that means your side mirrors will get bumped quite a bit and could get broken. By tucking them in before turning off the engine right as you get to the parking lot and park will help reduce this hazard and could save you money down the road from having to get them replaced if broken.

Make sure grill is cool – How many times a year do we post videos or news articles about some knucklehead who left his charcoal grill out and too close to his car? More than we would like. Even worse, the amateur tailgater who thinks placing his $20 hibachi underneath his engine while still hot is a great way to hide it from potential thieves. No matter if you grill on propane or charcoal, make sure the grill is completely cool before packing it away. If using charcoal, if still hot, douse the coals with a lot of water to put the fire out. Sure it is messy but it is better to do that than come out after the game to find your car has been incinerated along with the other four cars parked on either side of yours.

Fingers in EarsLock your vehicle but don’t arm your alarm – Never would we suggest leaving your car unlocked but in a stadium parking lot we suggest locking your car but not setting your car alarm. Here is our rationale. No matter where you are, at home, at work, at the grocery store, etc., and you hear a car alarm going off somewhere, what is your first thought? Is it, “Oh my God, someone’s car is getting stolen or broken into!”? Or is it, “Someone must have accidentally hit the panic button while trying to unlock their car or the car was bumped by someone walking by.”. Hardly ever do we think a car is being stolen when a car alarm is audible. Also, most car alarms sound the same, In a parking lot full of cars, how will you know that it is your car that the alarm is going off. Lastly, you will be inside the stadium a pretty good distance away from your car. Stadiums are noisy places. Do you really think you will be able to determine if your car alarm is going off while inside?

The reason why we suggest locking your car but not setting the alarm is that car alarms draw their power from your battery. If your car alarm is going off while you are in the game, 1) you won’t hear it, 2) nobody pays attention to them anyway and 3) all it will do is drain your battery. Instead of coming back to your car and wondering why you now need a jump, just double and triple check that your car is locked but forget the alarm.

Have tickets in hand – How many times have you gotten to the gates of the stadium and had this conversation/argument? “I thought you grabbed the tickets!” All too often this is the case and in my many years of tailgating and going to games it never fails that I will pass a group of people frantically checking their pockets and bags for tickets as they are standing outside the stadium gates. We would suggest having a fail-safe routine that includes the tickets. Maybe place the tickets someplace where you will have to pick them up in order to lock the car. Or place them with your hat and jersey you always wear before going inside. Or even better would be designating one person who regularly tailgates with your group to be the designated ticket holder. That way they know it is their responsibility to have the tickets and it just becomes part of the packing up routine of the day.

Leave plenty of time to get through security – Tailgating is great and sometimes can go long. Eventually you are going to go inside the game or concert and those events are going to start on time (concerts not as much). I have never heard an announcement over the public address telling the fans the game is delayed because “we are waiting for the last of the tailgaters to make their way inside.”

Ever since the September 11th terrorist attacks, security at large public places in the United States has increased steadily. With more pat downs and bag checks comes more delays and wait times to get inside the venue. Make sure to budget plenty of time to get to the gates, wait in line to be patted down and get through the ticket turnstiles. It sucks that you may have to pack up your tailgate a little earlier than you had liked but you need to determine you priorities. Is it more important to make it inside on time for the start of your event or is it more important to you to hang out longer and tailgate? Both choices have their merits but also be aware that many stadium parking lots have strict rules on tailgating after kick-off. If you choose to miss some of the game in favor of tailgating longer, you not only will be missing the start of the game but also may be inviting the cops to stop by and pay you a visit.

Those are just a few tailgating ideas for you to follow when the party is over. Feel free to share your tips in the comments section below.

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Tailgaters – 1, Jiffy Lube Live – 0

Posted by Dave On January - 6 - 2012

Jimmy Buffett Tailgating

The tailgaters have won.

Under immense pressure by tailgating fans and coordinated efforts to boycott events, concert venue Jiffy Lube Live has announced it will bring back tailgating after banning it last season.

Washington Post: Jiffy Lube Live lifts tailgating ban
Manassas Patch: Tailgating Returns to Jiffy Lube Live
Ticket News: Live Nation relents on tailgating at Jiffy Lube Live

Back in May we wrote about Jiffy Lube Live Banning Tailgating and the uproar it caused amongst the many fans that frequently enjoyed tailgating outside the the Virginia concert venue west of Washington D.C. A Facebook group asking fans to Boycott Jiffy Lube Live’s Tailgating Policy popped up and gained almost 10,000 fans. This coordinated effort by the fans extended to contacting popular musical groups who had performed at Jiffy Lube Live in the past and asking them to schedule future concerts at rival venues to show solidarity and support of the tailgaters.

Whether the pressure by the boycotting fans influenced their decision or not, the fact remains that popular country music artists Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw scheduled concerts at FedEx Field rather than Jiffy Lube Live, a venue both had sold out in the past. Kenny Chesney is a wildly popular musical artist with a rabid tailgating fan base that is close in comparison to the enthusiasm that Jimmy Buffett fans display when tailgating. By Chesney choosing to not reschedule a concert date at jiffy lube Live may have been a huge message to the management there that the boycott was working.

In August 2011, Kid Rock performed at Jiffy Lube Live and prior to performing his song “Care”, he went on a minute long diatribe calling into question the Jiffy Lube Live policy to ban tailgating. Skip to the 2 minute mark to hear his comments. (Video does contain some strong language.)

So what is the lesson learned here today, class? The moral of this story is that you as tailgating nation DO NOT have to roll over and accept reduced tailgating times and stricter rules and regulations. By coordinating your efforts and choosing to not patronize those venues, teams, colleges and musical artists that are apathetic towards tailgating, you can make sweeping changes. By hitting those who make the decision to ban or reduce tailgating times in their pocketbooks, they will be forced to reevaluate their tailgating policies or go out of business.

In today’s day and age of social media like Twitter and Facebook where people can connect instantly, there is no excuse for not having consolidated efforts to bring about change. Social media was at the heart of coordinating the Egyptian protests last spring and many of the Tes Party and Occupy protests here in the United States.

If you tailgaters can band together and fight for your privilege to tailgate, you can change the policies. Just look what happened out in Virginia.

Tailgaters – 1

Jiffy Lube Live – 0





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