Chicago Bears

  • Video: Passed Out Bears Fan

    Here at, we strive to encourage all of our readers and visitors to adhere to our motto of “Don’t Just Tailgate, Tailgate Better”. Apparently this guy in the video doesn’t read our silly little blog. Had he understood that drinking too much and passing out while tailgating before the Cowboys vs. Bears game was… Read more »

  • Yankees Tailgating Grill

    We all know football is king when it comes to tailgating but please do not tell that to hard core baseball tailgaters who are applauding the opening of the baseball season as I write this. Regular readers of this site are very familiar that since customizing my own tailgating grill to San Diego Chargers colors,… Read more »

  • A Tailgater’s Off-Season Frenzy

    If you are die-hard NFL fan like me you probably have been busy this weekend checking the Web for free agent signings and updates.  Hopefully your favorite team has been more active than mine!  And for you Bears’ fans, congrats on Peppers and Taylor! This NFL off-season frenzy got this tailgater to thinking.   We tailgaters too… Read more »

  • Rising Ticket Costs Hitting Tailgaters Hard

    Image via Wikipedia I’m no economist but in a severe recession (which we are in, don’t kid yourself) where the federal government is bailing out banks and Detroit, you would think other industries would give Joe Six Pack a break. (all apologies to Sarah Palin for that one.)  Apparently not. It seems that pro and… Read more »