• Be Nice Get Coal Contest

    From an early age most children who are celebrating Christmas are told that if they’re not nice, then they’ll get coal in their stockings. While that may be an effective tactic for getting the kiddos to straighten up, I’d bet that there are some charcoal grillers out there that may see that coal as a… Read more »

  • FiAir Review

    When it comes to tailgate grilling most of us fall into 2 camps: Charcoal or Gas.  If you’re in the “Gas” group you probably appreciate the convenience and speed that you gain from that fuel source.  Our friends in the “Charcoal” group are prepared to forgo the ease of use you might get from gas,… Read more »

  • Stump Chunks

    The argument between charcoal vs. propane is as old as time when it comes to tailgating. For those tailgaters that are propane users and never use charcoal, go ahead and read this post from a few years ago: Myth Busting: Propane & Winter Tailgating. Now that we have weeded out the propane users and are… Read more »

  • Myth Busting: Propane & Winter Tailgating

    A lot of tailgaters love grilling with propane. After all, it lights fast, you can control the heat in an instant, it leaves no mess behind and is readily available almost anywhere and in all types of quantities. This versatility of propane makes it a no brainer for many. But there are those die hards… Read more »