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Weekend Wrap #22: Enemy of Construction Edition

Posted by Dave On July - 26 - 2008

news_wrap.jpgThis first link in this edition of the Weekend Wrap got me to thinking. There seems to be a trend developing that construction of new stadiums or housing or whatever seems to be encroaching on our ability to tailgate. The University of Oregon is building a brand new college baseball stadium to accommodate their newly created team. The only problem is that the new baseball stadium is being constructed in a large portion of the parking lot at Autzen Stadium. This has the Oregon Football tailgaters up in arms and rightfully so. Now it seems that Iowa Football tailgaters will be losing a favorite tailgating spot due to new condo constructionin the Olive Court. When will the madness stop? As an avid tailgater, please, I implore you. Stop taking away our tailgating parking lots. Tailgating is truly the last great American neighborhood where everyone is friendly and no one locks their doors. Why would you want to kill that with yet another condo complex? Stop the insanity.

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Tailgater Profile: Hans Steiniger’s Quest For 31

Posted by Dave On July - 26 - 2008

Hans Steiniger Ralph Wilson StadiumMeet Hans Steiniger. He is the embodiment of a true fan of tailgating. Most NFL fans have their favorite team and attend and tailgate only those home games. Hans Steiniger is on another level when it comes to attending NFL games. This guy has made it a mission to visit 31 stadiums (New York Giants and Jets share the same stadium) all in the same year; the same year he is age 31. Coincidence? Hans doesn’t think so.

Hans has titled this tour of every NFL stadium his “Quest for 31”. 31 years old, 31 NFL stadiums to be completed after turning age 31. Combining last season’s games and stadium visits with this year’s season, Steiniger has visited 17 stadiums already with 14 remaining.

You would think that in order to visit 31 stadiums all within a calender year, Hans Steiniger would be independently wealthy or have a armored truck following him everywhere he goes. Actually he is your average, moderately paid, tailgating, beer guzzling, hot dog eating, fantasy football playing, road tripping, technically savvy, DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket watching, lover of the NFL. He has a 1997 green Ford Explorer (with a ton of miles on it), an eBay account and a dream to visit all the NFL stadiums. He acquires these tickets due in part to the kindness of strangers, the auction environment on eBay, StubHub.com or through local ticket selling entrepreneurs. You’ve all seen them. They are usually the guys standing outside the stadium holding that sign that says, “I NEED TICKETS“. These are the same guys that also have a stack of tickets in their pocket for the day’s game. Hans secret to getting cheap tickets? Wait until the second quarter to get the best price. This accomplishes two goals. 1. These guys will unload their tickets uber cheap because the game has already started. 2. The extra time gives Hans more time to tailgate. How can you argue with this technique?

Hans Steiniger Lucas Oil StadiumSo in the true spirit of sharing that true tailgaters do, you probably want to help out Hans in his “Quest for 31”. The best way to help him out is get him tickets. Free tickets are preferable but cheap NFL tickets is most likely the route to be taken. Through his travels he has learned a few tricks to landing cheap NFL tickets and he has set up his own website, NFLFootballStadiums.com, dedicated to finding the best and cheapest NFL tickets. He’s even put together a tutorial on how to buy cheap NFL tickets based on his ticket buying history. Also, on his website he has compiled a one-stop-shop to find tickets for all 32 NFL franchises. Of course, Hans is also a blogger and has set up a blog site where he answers fan questions about stadiums he has visited. Add to that he has done stadium reviews and posts a synopsis of his game day experiences at the ones he has already notched in his belt.

If you see Hans Steiniger tailgating at your NFL stadium this upcoming season, make sure to say hello and invite him over to your tailgate party. If you have some extra tickets, I’m sure he would not have a problem taking them off your hands. Hans will be checking in from time to time and offering up a status report to the readers of TailgatingIdeas.com on his travels. Stay tuned.


NFL Tailgating Is Right Around The Corner

Posted by Dave On July - 5 - 2008

boyskc1.jpgDo you know what I love the most about the Fourth of July? No, not the head splitting hangover or the tinnitus in my ears. July 4th means we are in the month of July (Duh!) and the month of July means NFL training camps start at the end of the month. Hey, I love to go tailgating before baseball games, auto races and summer concerts but when it comes to tailgating, college or pro, football is king. The opening of training camps means that pre-season games, although meaningless, are not meaningless to us tailgaters. Rejoice knowing that football season is right around the corner with this complete list of all 32 NFL training camp dates. If you consider yourself a real die-hard tailgater, you will be out there grilling before two-a-day practices.

Team                       Opening dates
Baltimore Ravens – July 21 (rookies), July 23 (veterans) More Ravens Training Camp Info
Buffalo Bills – July 25 (rookies and veterans) More Bills Training Camp Info
Cincinnati Bengals – July 27 (rookies and veterans) More Bengals Training Camp Info
Cleveland Browns – July 23 (rookies and veterans)
Denver Broncos – July 24 (rookies and veterans)
Houston Texans  – July 25 (rookies and veterans) More Texans Training Camp Info
Indianapolis Colts – July 24 (rookies and veterans) More Colts Training Camp Info
Jacksonville Jaguars – July 25 (rookies and veterans) More Jaguars Training Camp Info
Kansas City Chiefs – July 24 (rookies and veterans) More Chiefs Training Camp Info
Miami Dolphins – July 25 (rookies and veterans)
New England Patriots –  July 21 (rookies), July 23 (veterans)
New York Jets – July 16 (rookies), July 23 (veterans)
Oakland Raiders – July 24 (rookies and veterans)
Pittsburgh Steelers – July 27 (rookies and veterans) More Steelers Training Camp Info
San Diego Chargers – July 21 (rookies), July 25 (veterans) More Chargers Training Camp Info
Tennessee Titans – July 25 (rookies and veterans)

Team                       Opening dates
Arizona Cardinals – July 23 (rookies and veterans) More Cardinals Training Camp Info
Atlanta Falcons
– July 25 (rookies and veterans) More Falcons Training Camp Info
Carolina Panthers – July 25 (rookies and veterans)
Chicago Bears -July 23 (rookies and veterans) More Bears Training Camp Info
Dallas Cowboys – July 25 (rookies and veterans)
Detroit Lions – July 24 (rookies and veterans)
Green Bay Packers – July 27 (rookies and veterans) More Packers Training Camp Info
Minnesota Vikings – July 24 (rookies and veterans)
New Orleans Saints – July 23 (rookies and veterans) More Saints Training Camp Info
New York Giants – July 25 (rookies and veterans) More Giants Training Camp Info
Philadelphia Eagles – July 21 (rookies), July 24 (veterans) More Eagles Training Camp Info
San Francisco 49ers – July 24 (rookies and veterans)
Seattle Seahawks – July 22 (rookies), July 24 (veterans)
St. Louis Rams – July 25 (rookies and veterans)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – July 25 (rookies and veterans)
Washington Redskins – July 19 (rookies and veterans) More Redskins Training Camp Info

Weekend Wrap #11: Link Bait Week

Posted by Dave On May - 10 - 2008

news_wrap.jpgThis past week TailgatingIdeas.com saw quite a bit more visitor traffic than normal. I’m not complaining at all, believe me. A big thanks goes to those websites and blogs out there that sent us lots of visitors. DonChavez.com posted a link to The 14 Tailgaters Who Annoy the Crap Out of You in his Cuthbert Dumper posting. The Parottheads from the BuffettNews.com forums visited en masse to check out my posting asking Is Kenny Chesney The New Jimmy Buffett? Last but certainly not least, both The Beer Goggler and Bright Black Internet both picked up the Custom Printed Beer Pong Balls Perfect For Tailgating article. Thanks for all the links this week and if you are a recent visitor that signed up for updates either via email or RSS, welcome aboard and we hope you become a regular.

Now that all the thank yous and ass smooching is out of the way, let’s check out what has been going on in the world of tailgating this past week.





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