Brian McCarthy

  • Is Anyone At The NFL Minding The Store?

    If you have been a longtime reader or this is your first time, you should know that I have been VERY outspoken and vocal in regards to the NFL’s hypocritical stance on binge drinking. I won’t rehash it for you right now, but if you need to be caught up to speed, visit HERE and… Read more »

  • Mailbag: My Email To The NFL’s Brian McCarthy

    If you couldn’t tell by a few of my previous posts, (NFL Beer Pong Table Is Pure Hypocrisy and Fans Calling Bullsh*t On NFL Selling Beer Pong Tables) I am a bit chapped about the NFL selling beer pong tables all while trumpeting responsible tailgating and consumption of alcohol. Both post have received a fair… Read more »

  • Hey NFL! Can You Hear Me Now?

    After a little bit of a slow start, it seems that the Super Bowl Tailgating Petition is gaining some legs. Apparently one of the signees has taken it upon himself to contact a few members of the sports media and has promoted the petition to anyone who will listen. Who was listening? Apparently the NFL… Read more »