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Top Tailgates for Texas A&M Tailgating Crew–Part Deux

Posted by Foster On April - 27 - 2010

The Top 12 – Part Deux

A few weeks back, Rusty Burson’s countdown in the 12th Man Magazine’s of Top 60 moments in the last 60 years of Aggie Athletics inspired me.  While it’s over a much shorter time period, I’ve now detailed the Top 12 Tailgating moments (good and bad) for our Texas A&M Tailgating crew.

In a previous post I walked through #’s 12 – 7.  Now for the Top 6.

#6 – The Game Isn’t Over–10-14-2006 – vs. Missouri Tigers – 25 to 19 – W

On a perfect weather day, in a game that the Aggies should have arguably lost, Texas A&M held on to beat the #21 ranked Missouri Tigers.

The real game ball goes to the post game activity though.  Legendary Texas Sports Writer Dan Cook of the San Antonio Express-New once wrote, “It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings”.   For the first time, the tailgating crew participated in karaoke after the game.

#5 – And Still Undefeated – 10-29-2005 – vs. Iowa State – 14 to 42 – L

The Texas A&M fighting Aggie Band ALWAYS wins halftime.  In a 2005 game vs Iowa State, A&M was down 21-14 at halftime.  A couple of us were ready to head back to the tailgate toward the end of the first half.  Things were already looking bad in what ultimately turned out to be a ho-hum 5-6 campaign.

However, we decided to stay.  The Aggie band performs with such precision and they are mesmerizing to watch.  Check out this video from A Few Good Men, which actually is the Texas A&M Aggie Corp of Cadets Band members.

After the Band won halftime we left with an idea that we could make it back to our seats later in the game.  Unfortunately, our tailgate team and the Aggies never came back.  Final score 42-14.  We stayed at the tailgate for the rest of the day and evening and night and into the morning.  A bad game, ironically, resulted in a great tailgate.

#4 – Back-to-Back the Right Way – 11-23-2007 – vs. Texas – 38 to 30 – W

Midway through the middle of 2007 we decided that we were going to provide a jersey to my wife for all the pregame meals and the little things that added up to big things that she was taking care of for the crew.  We were hoping to give her the jersey on a game that we thought we could win, but in an up and down season we started to run out of dates.

As the final game approached we discussed postponing the ceremony until the following year because we expected that the Longhorns—after having lost to us the prior year in Austin—would be sufficiently motivated to return the favor in College Station.  It had been a long year for Coach Franchione—what with the e-mail scandal and all–and even though many felt like the only way he could save his job was with a win over the #11 Longhorns they were heavy favorites as they rolled into Kyle Field.

The guys presented the jersey in a pre-game ceremony, we had a great tailgate and then walked over to the game expecting that it would be a long night.  The game ended up being a shocker and the jersey a good luck charm.  Ironically, on our way home we found out that Coach Fran—despite back-to-back wins over our arch rivals—had been fired.

#3 – Back-to-Back the Wrong Way – 11-04-2006 vs. Oklahoma  – 16 to 17 – L and 11-11-07 vs. Nebraska – 27 to 28 – L

ESPN College Game Day came to town for the first of back-to-back night games at Kyle Field for a game against Oklahoma.  We arrived early that day and found a GREAT, new tailgating spot—or so we thought.

The grass WAS greener than our traditional spot AND the new location had much, much more tailgating room.  We could throw footballs around.  We were closer to the stadium.  The portable restrooms were nearby and clean.  We thought we had found one of the best places tailgating locations on campus.  It took us two weeks to find out we were in the wrong place.

Late In the 4th quarter of a closely contested, smash mouth football game, Coach Franchione opted to kick a field goal on fourth and less than a yard—despite having the 6’0”, 295 pound Jorvorskie Lane available. A monster of a man, the guy’s nickname is J-Trane because he favors a locomotive and because that’s what it feels like when you try to tackle him.

The field goal cut the lead to one.  Later in the 4th, with about two minutes remaining, Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops, choose a different path and went for it on 4th and 2 on his own side of the field AND converted.  The 12th Man at Kyle Field was oh so loud and the game oh so close, but a day and a tailgating location filled with promise ended on a solemn note ad a one point loss.

A week later, we came back to the exact same tailgating spot.  Timing and good fortune were ours.  We thought we had found a new tailgating home.

Unfortunately though, the sick feeling from the week before returned when Texas A&M missed an extra point on a touchdown.  These things have a tendency to catch up with you.

Later, Maurice Purify from Nebraska made a leaping, twisting catch on a pass from Zac Taylor with 21 seconds left on the clock to tie the game.  The extra point won the game.

Back-to-back one point losses in what ended up being a 9-4 season.

Normally after a game we stay at the tailgate to let the traffic clear out.  Not this time.  We broke down our equipment in record time and sat in the traffic—stunned  by back-to-back one point losses.  While we waited, we agreed that we would never set foot upon our new tailgate spot ever again.

#2 – Triple OT, Moving Stadiums and Rainbows – 09-08-2007 vs. Fresno State – 47-45 – W

In what promised to be an uneventful game, the Bulldogs and Aggies battled in a Triple OT thriller.  It happened to be the first tailgate where we encountered rain.  We learned that a game plan for electronic equipment is important.  We didn’t lose any equipment, but we had to hustle.

Thanks to the showers, a rainbow materialized over Kyle Field during the middle of the 3rd quarter.  What an amazing sight to see.

Overtime games are rare enough, but Triple OT plays out with so many twists and turns that it’s incredible.  As the OT’s progressed, the student body starting moving back and forth across the top deck of Kyle Field to track the action.  This video gives you an idea of what it looked like.  I’ve never seen anything like it before or since.

After the game, back at the tailgate, one of our new tailgaters learned the powerful and painful lesson that tailgating is a marathon and not a sprint.

#1 – We’ll Be Back – 11-13-1993 vs. Louisville – 42 to 7 – W

The first Texas A&M game that my wife and I attended was in 1993.  We were engaged at the time and had the opportunity to pet Reveille VI–A&M’s collie mascot–as a puppy during the game in which he took over for the retiring Reveille V.

Pre-game tailgating didn’t exist back then—especially like it does today, but there was the feeling that we’d be back.  Almost 17 years later we’re looking forward to our 6th season of Texas A&M tailgating.

For a link to the rest of the list click here.

10 More Annoying Tailgaters

Posted by Dave On August - 14 - 2008

A while back I compiled a list of The 14 Tailgaters Who Annoy The Crap Out of You. You would think with a list of 14 that would just about cover it, right? Not even close. With college and pro football seasons about to start, here are 10 more annoying tailgaters you’ll want to avoid.

football_catch_fail.jpgThe “Go Long” Guys – Every section of the parking lot has these idiots. They suck so bad their aim is on par with a Parkinson’s patient trying to pee through a keyhole. These tool shacks think the lanes of the parking lot were designed specifically for them to run incredibly slow fly patterns and show off the arm strength that landed them third string QB on the JV. They end up knocking over more grills and bouncing footballs off of more car windshields than they make the occasional catch. Hey “Go Long” Guys, Uncle Rico called and even he thinks you should give it a rest.

Crappy Store-Bought Food Guy – You and your friends have gone to great lengths to bring home-made dips, freshly marinated meats and fresh baked deserts. What’s this guy’s contribution to the tailgate party? Soggy fried chicken from the local grocery store and a tub of potato salad that’s past its expiration date. Of course, it never dawned on him to simply stop by the authentic BBQ joint in town and pick up some ribs or slow cooked brisket. This jackass would rather pick up a bucket of pre-cooked BBQ that looks more like the slop you were served in grade school. Thanks Crappy Store-Bought Food Guy. While you’re enjoying my Tri-Tip, I’ll have another helping of what looks to have been prepared by a hairnet-shrouded cafeteria lady armed with an ice-cream scoop.

meat_protesters.jpgThe PETA / Meat Is Murder Protesting Tailgater – This freeze-dried hippie, normally white and sporting dreadlocks complete with an overpowering patchouli stink, usually followed by random girls with pit hair who also share his lack of hygiene, takes your tailgate as an opportunity to make a stand against dead animal flesh on the grill. The best way to make them disappear is by simply tossing another half cow on the grill, accompanied by your best impression of a guttural and distressed animal noise. A smiling mouthful of the charred death should be added for good measure. Why can’t they all take the hint from Amanda Beard and just get naked, already?

The “I’m Selling Something For Charity” Member – Whether it is the Boy Scouts of America selling stale popcorn, the local Pop Warner Cheerleaders trying to raise money for their trip to nationals, the former or present crack addict selling the local newspaper so he can afford his probation supervision fees, or the guy selling lame FarFromPuken bumper stickers, they all have their hand out. It’s all for a good cause, I’m sure, but how do I know this guy with the fresh needle tracks didn’t drop a quarter in the local newspaper machine, take the whole stack and come up with a story about staying in the halfway house? After paying an arm and a leg to park, the only money I am laying out while tailgating is betting the over/under on the early games with the guys parked next me.

beer_beads_hotties.jpgMardi Gras Bead Selling Hotties – We’ve all seen these girls. Usually traveling in packs of three or four, these gals sell Mardi Gras-style beads in colors representative of both the teams playing that afternoon. They make a killing off of drunken and pathetically desperate guys who think that by buying a $1 string of beads they’ll be assured of a hug or even a Girls Gone Wild breast exposition. Sadly, these girls’ sweater kittens are staying covered and the person getting boned is the idiot who thinks buying beads in an open parking lot will get him the same results as Pacman Jones making it rain.

Random Services Homeless Man – This tailgater is normally indigenous to downtown stadiums surrounded by urban blight. Not to be mistaken for The Can Man, this is the homeless guy that will offer to do something, anything, in exchange for a beer, cigarette, chicken wing, etc. His talents are vast and diversified depending on region and could include dancing the Roger Rabbit or washing the windows on your car. Nowhere can you find a personal assistant or a butler that is willing to work for three spare ribs and a warm Natty Light.

neck_tattoo.jpgThe Hard Liquor and Handgun Thug – This is the guy we would all love to see get his ass kicked. He’s the guy decked out in a knock-off jersey from the visiting team and sporting a fresh neck tattoo. After one too many tequila shots, this guy often walks about mad-dogging and mean-mugging everyone in hopes of soliciting a fight. If you’re having trouble developing a mental image, see Raider Fan in the Urban Dictionary. We are all trying to enjoy our day away from work. These dudes? Simply on work release.

The Coach Impostor – This yardbird is mostly caught on a Saturday at your alma mater walking, looking, and acting like he is the head coach. He’s got the khaki Dockers with brand new Nikes, the visor, the shades, and he’s even got the coach’s dri-fit polo with school logos. The only thing he doesn’t have is the hot wife, which has been replaced by some run of the mill B-teamer who couldn’t make this guy’s starting line-up. This dude actually thinks he might be mistaken as Bob Stoops or Steve Spurrier roaming the tailgate parties. He then proceeds to attempt impressing you with his vast knowledge of complex game plans and nickel defenses. Some even go as far as to carry a clipboard and sweatbands to accentuate the charade. Absolutely pathetic.

Leaky Radiator Guy – Rather than walk the two rows of parked cars and wait in line for the Port-a-Potty, this guy uses your tailgating space as his personal urinal. Normally utilizing an opened car door as his cover, this filthy animal blames that river of gold running out the back of your tailgating stall on his “leaky radiator”.

religious_protester.jpgThe Tailgating Religious Fanatic – This tailgater is not really a tailgater at all. He just shows up to loudly protest all the drinking and debauchery occurring in plain sight. Typically indigenous to the SEC, Religious Fanatic’s bible is apparently missing Mathew 6:6-8 and does not consider Saturday a day of rest from spreading God’s “love”. The best way to combat Mr. Religious Fanatic is by recruiting a fellow tailgater with adequate Bible knowledge to argue Bible passages, repeatedly yelling “Judge not lest ye be judged” into an acquired megaphone and asking if you’re excluded from eternal damnation for premarital intercourse as long as it’s gay sex.






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