• Sportsbook 101: Post-Season Football Wagering

    Have you ever heard of the term “Supply and Demand”? In basic economics it is the belief that the something that is rare and in short supply is considered valuable and therefore a monetary price would be at a premium. The same goes for something in abundance. Autumn leaves in New England are not worth… Read more »

  • SportsBook 101: Tout Services

    In our continuing series on sports book wagering, this month we tackle tout services. If your are unfamiliar with the term “Tout Service”, you may already know them as “handicapping advice”. If you have ever turned on a sports talk radio program on Saturday or Sunday morning you can hear these guys, typically with the… Read more »

  • SportsBook 101: Bankroll Management

    In our continuing series on sports book wagering, this month we would like to tackle Bankroll Management. As with any sort of wagering you need to set a budget. Most people wagering on sports call this their “bankroll”. This is the amount of money you have allotted to the cause that you are willing to… Read more »

  • SportsBook 101: How Sports Books Work

    Last month we held a little clinic on Sports Book betting and let you behind the curtain on some sports wagering slang terms. After all, you need to talk the talk before you can walk the walk. This month we are continuing our education in letting you know how Sports Books work. Again, if you… Read more »