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Frost Boss

Posted by Dave On June - 25 - 2012

Frost Boss Featured

Here’s a tailgating situation you have probably been through before:

Your friend shows up at the tailgate party but his “contribution” to the effort is a 12 pack of Natural Light. Adding to the pain is that it is still warm. You offer him the opportunity to cool off his warm beers in your cooler. While they are getting cold he, of course, helps himself to your expensive imports. You know, because he doesn’t want to drink warm beer and it will take about 45 minutes before HIS beers are cold enough to drink. By the time his beers are ready, he has already downed eight of yours and the only thing left in the cooler is his crappy beer.

Whether that has happened to you or not, you can totally picture it I am sure. If there was only a way to take a warm 12 oz. can and in two minutes make it just as cold had it been sitting in the cooler for hours.

Introducing the Frost Boss.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Posted by Dave On June - 8 - 2012

Fathers Day Logo

Father’s Day is about a week away and you are still considering getting pops that lame neck tie? Don’t be that guy.

Whether your dad is a hardcore tailgater or just deserves better than cuff links, we here at Tailgating Ideas have put together an easy to follow guide for giving your dad the best gift ever. And a cool Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. We have scoured the internet for Father’s Day gifts ranging from under $10 all the way to $2,500! Without further delay, here is the Tailgating Ideas 2012 Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide.

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Video: Hey pass me a beer

Posted by Dave On June - 6 - 2012

I am definitely inviting these guys to my next tailgating adventure.

Video: Bottle Cap Blues

Posted by Dave On May - 29 - 2012

Something you hear all the time while out tailgating is “hey man, who has the bottle opener?”. I seriously doubt these guys have ever said those words.

Craft Beer Initiative – Pros and Cons

Posted by Brandon On May - 10 - 2012

If you’ll recall in the prologue of the “Craft Beer Initiative” I told you about my personal resolution to exclusively, or just about, drink craft beer.  For the 2nd installment of this series I decided to compile with what I feel is a fairly comprehensive listing of the pros and cons to making the switch to craft beer at your tailgates. After that you’ll see some recommendations you can start with if you’ve chosen to give craft beer tailgating a try.  So without further ado:


Taste – While this is debatable for some, I feel there is absolutely no comparison when you look at the taste of craft beer vs. macro-brewed beer.  Sure there are some craft brews that miss the mark on the taste element, but there are many many more that far surpass what comes out from the big boys.  To see the passion that craft brewers put into their beer makes me appreciate it even more.

Diversity – This is pretty self explanatory.  While there are a lot of overlaps in the styles of craft brews, the flavor, attributes, and qualities within each vary greatly. My own experiences have shown me that when you take the labels out of the equation on macro-brewed American light lager, only the most sensitive palates could pick out specific brands.  The diversity of craft beer is one of my favorite things about the genre.  I can pair certain brews with specific foods, tailor what I drink to the season, and keep it “fresh” so I don’t get in a rut.

ABV – I almost feel like I shouldn’t include this here as it could easily count as a con, but most craft brews contain a higher alcohol content than the usual light lagers.  I think we’ve seen the problems that can arise when folks get a little too much in them, but when done responsibly it can make for a fun time.  A higher ABV may be one of the most important things to consider if you’re going to make the switch even part time.  A percentage point or 2 doesn’t sound like much, but I guarantee you it will feel like a world of difference when you’ve got a couple in you. (Always drink responsibly, if you’re going to overdo it please make sure you have a sober designated driver, and for pete sake please don’t get rowdy.)

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