• Bottle Beer Bong

    Sometimes you just have to finish your beer in the fastest means possible. Whether it is you are packing up and heading into the game or concert or your tailgating neighbor is boasting about how fast he can chug his beer, sometimes you just need to pound your beer. With a canned beer, there are… Read more »

  • Shower Beer Buddy

    Tailgating is also known as pre-partying. After all, you are having a party in the parking lot before some sort of an event like a concert or sporting event. Naturally when you are grilling and drinking before the main event, it can evolve into pre-partying. But what happens when you want to pre-party your pre-party?… Read more »

  • 5 epic beer bong fails

    We all love tailgating. Why else would you be reading this? Tailgating involves beers, friends, food and fun. What more could you ask for? How about throwing a beer bong into the mix? Downing a beer every now and then is fun and is a sure way of getting the party going, but sometimes people… Read more »