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Two Beers in Two Seconds With The Bierstick

Posted by Dave On December - 26 - 2014

bierstick_girls.jpgYou’ve seen the 12 Man Beer Bong and even the Flabongo. Now comes The Bierstick. At first glance it looks a lot like an over-sized syringe (Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens eat your heart out) and holds 24 ounces of beer. The concept is simple. Fill up the The Bierstick with two beers. Replace the mouthpiece and push out excess air. Place the plunger end against a solid surface. (like a girl only wearing a bra as the picture to the right suggests) Press down and consume at your own pace. Don’t have a hot girl wearing just a bra and panties at your disposal? I am sure a car door in the neighboring tailgating space will suffice.

In case you are more of a visual learner or just like stick figure drawings, check out the tutorial below.



The best part about The Bierstick is that you can control the speed in which you consume your beer. Beer bongs use good old gravity to send the beer down to your open gullet. With The Bierstick you control the flow depending on how fast you push on the plunger. Yet another clever way to get beer in you faster than normal.

We sampled the Bierstick and did this demonstration video:

After thoroughly testing the Bierstick, we are going to deem it, “Tailgate Approved”.

The Bierstick will run you less than $30 plus shipping and handling.

Tailgate Beer seeking tailgating crews

Posted by Dave On August - 15 - 2013

Tailgate Beer in a CanBack in 2009, we first discovered Tailgate Beer. Since first taking a sip of Blacktop Blonde we have been big fans of this craft beer in a can. Not only does Tailgate Beer support tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle but they make some pretty damn good beer which is really the whole point.

Tailgate Beer started in San Diego as a craft brew but has been expanding to other parts of the country. Unfortunately Tailgate Beer is not found everywhere but they are trying to change that. That is where you come in.

The folks at Tailgate Beer have traditionally worked with local tailgate crews to help build some organic market-presence. By teaming up with prominent tailgating groups in the local areas, Tailgate Beer has been able to expose other tailgaters to their beer. In light of their new distribution footprint heading into the 2013 football season, Tailgate Beer has some states and areas that they are currently distributed in, but do not have crews to work with yet.

If you are a member of a tailgating crew or know of someone that is a member of a tailgating crew for the following teams and/or areas of the country, the folks at Tailgate Beer would like to hear from you. Areas and tailgating fans of the following teams are:

Seattle Seahawks
Chicago Bears
University of Minnesota
Philadelphia Eagles
University of Wisconsin

Michigan: University of Michigan, Michigan State and Detroit Lions
Northeast: New England Patriots, New York Jets and New York Giants

If you think you or someone you know meets the criteria Tailgate Beer is looking for to help them spread the word about Tailgate Beer, contact them HERE. Who knows what they have in mind. It might be providing your tailgate crew with free beer or banners or possibly something else. You’ll have to contact them directly and find out more details and also share with the folks at Tailgate Beer why you would be a good choice to represent their beer in your area.

Bottle Beer Bong

Posted by Dave On April - 30 - 2013

Hot girl bikini top holding the Bottle Beer Bong

Sometimes you just have to finish your beer in the fastest means possible. Whether it is you are packing up and heading into the game or concert or your tailgating neighbor is boasting about how fast he can chug his beer, sometimes you just need to pound your beer.

With a canned beer, there are numerous options to drink it quickly. The Shotgun Champ or even the Shotgun Party Opener are good options to possibly hurting yourself when using a knife, keys, screwdriver or ballpoint pen to make a hole on the side of your beer can. But what if you are drinking bottles? There is no easy solution to chugging a beer out of a bottle other than the old fashioned way.

We just discovered the Bottle Beer Bong. Take a look at our demo video trying it out and showing you how to use it.

The science behind the Bottle Beer Bong is simple. The ventilation tube replaces the liquid inside the bottle to allow for an easy flow of the beer. An easier flow of beer means it flows faster and thus replicates a normal funnel and tube beer bong.

Bottle Beer Bong RetailThe best part of the Bottle Beer Bong is it is small and compact enough to put it in your pocket and bring it to any party. When the time is right to break it out, pop it on your bottle and chug your beer. That’s a lot easier than dragging a full size funnel and hose to the party.

The Bottle Beer Bong is priced at $5.00 plus $5.00 for postage and packaging. If you buy two, we’ll waive the additional postage and only charge you the postage as if you had purchased a single Bottle Beer Bong.

The Bottle Beer Bong is available for purchase through our online tailgating gear store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com or to go directly to the Bottle Beer Bong product page, click HERE.

Shower Beer Buddy

Posted by Dave On April - 11 - 2013

Tailgating is also known as pre-partying. After all, you are having a party in the parking lot before some sort of an event like a concert or sporting event. Naturally when you are grilling and drinking before the main event, it can evolve into pre-partying. But what happens when you want to pre-party your pre-party? You get the Shower Beer Buddy, of course.

Shower Beer Buddy

The Shower Beer Buddy is basically a cup holder, in the shape of a busty woman wearing a bikini top, that suctions onto any flat surface and is strong enough to hold a full can of beer. So when you have that invite to a tailgate party and you are not the driver and want to have a beer or two in the shower while getting ready, the Shower Beer Buddy eliminates a lot of problems.

Some may ask, if you are going to have a beer in the shower, why not place it on a ledge or in one of those shampoo caddies? Here is the problem with those. Finding ledge space might be difficult and even if you do find space, knocking your beer over might be a potential hazard. Also getting warm shower water and even worse, soapy water in your beer is just plain gross.

The Shower Beer Buddy gets your beer up and out of the way from shower water diluting your beer and warming it up and keeps it safe and secure. Take a look at their instructional video on how to properly use the Shower Beer Buddy.

So no that you know what the Shower Beer Buddy is designed for, let’s talk about our own findings and how the Shower Beer Buddy does in a tailgating environment.

We tested the Shower Beer Buddy in it’s “natural” environment, in the bathroom and also on the side of our tailgating vehicle. The suction cup on the Shower Beer Buddy is quite strong and with some moisture to create a tight seal, holds onto any flat surface very well. The glass shower door was a perfect spot for it along with the shower itself next to the shower head.

We also found that an additional use for the Shower Beer Buddy could be out in the tailgating parking lot. The glass windows of your car make a perfect spot for the Shower Beer Buddy and allow for your can or bottle to be elevated up and out of the way off of your unfolded tailgate or on your tailgating table. The stability of your can or bottle in the Shower Beer Buddy stuck onto your car ensures your beer won’t get knocked over. Take a look at the photos we shot of the Shower Beer Buddy on our car on both the side windows and stuck to the side of the vehicle too.

As you can see in the gallery, The Shower Beer Buddy sticks to the flat surfaces of your tailgating vehicle and can hold a 12 oz can. Our apologies to the Shower Beer Buddy folks for not putting a beer in there which they clearly state in the above video, but you get the point that a full can is going to be safe and secure in the Shower Beer Buddy even if it is out of the shower.

After testing it out we are definitely labeling the Shower Beer Buddy “Tailgate Approved“.

It is easily portable, fits nicely in any tailgating kit, works great both indoors and out and at under $10 per unit, is very affordable. To learn more about the Shower Beer Buddy or to buy one of your own, click HERE.

5 epic beer bong fails

Posted by Jeff On September - 14 - 2012

Double Beer Bong GirlsWe all love tailgating. Why else would you be reading this? Tailgating involves beers, friends, food and fun. What more could you ask for? How about throwing a beer bong into the mix?

Downing a beer every now and then is fun and is a sure way of getting the party going, but sometimes people can fail at something as simple as opening their mouth and letting gravity take over. We recently asked Beer Bong Bros to share with us some beer bong fails. This is what they came up with.

Beer Bong Car

Beer Bong and Drive

We don’t need to tell you to not drink and drive; we are pretty sure you figured that one out by yourself. The above chick has decided to take it to the extreme and whipped out her beer bong before driving. Either that or she sneaks outside to use one so her friends don’t find out.

Beer Bong Foam Blow
In Your Bro’s Face

As you all know, a beer bong works best when you let gravity do the work. If you and gravity have a falling out then by all means suck the beer out. But whatever you do, don’t blow. Your friend will not thank you for it.

Beer Bong Face

Flowing too Fast

The main reason beer bongs fail is due to how fast your beer shoots out. Some beer bongs can be purchased with on/off valves to help prevent this, but old school beer bongs don’t. Remember to gulp fast and never break the seal between your mouth and the hose. The dude in the background is obviously calling his friend to tell him about the epic beer bong fail he has just witnessed.

Bewer Bong spill head
One Job, Bro!

A beer bong is usually a two man job. Usually, one person drinks the beer and the other person holds the beer bong. Simple. All your friend has to do is hold the beer bong higher than the tubing so that the beer can flow down. If however, for some reason your friend cannot hold the beer bong correctly, the following occurs.

Beer Bong Facial

Take it all in the Face

The guy above obviously just wanted a shower so badly that he took all the beer in the face. His beer literally flies everywhere; I am surprised if he managed to get any in his mouth. This probably happened due to the thickness of his beer bong tubing. Luckily for him his friend had his phone at the ready to record it.





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