beer shotgun

  • Shotgunit Lips

    10 days. You only have 10 days before the official kickoff of the college football season. With college football inevitably comes college football tailgating. And college football tailgating almost always includes shotgunning. If you go to a college football tailgate and someone isn’t shotgunning, you probably have walked into a weak tailgate and you need… Read more »

  • Shotgun Mug

    Until the powers that be ban the consumption of alcohol in tailgating parking lots, there will always be those tailgaters that want to drink their drink just a little faster than “normal”. Call it what you want. Shotgunning, beer bonging or good old fashioned chug-a-lugging, tailgaters have found all different ways to drink their beer… Read more »

  • Shotgun Champ

    Over the years we have tested and reviewed a number of rapid beer delivery devices. After testing out and trying the Double Beer Bong, the Flabongo, the Guzzle Gun and other chugging devices and beer drinking paraphernalia and even a Traffic Cone, the Shotgun Champ is the fastest beer delivery device we have tested. Trust… Read more »