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Tailgating Beer Reviews

  • Beer Review: Redhook ESB

    Recently a great article was posted on about the most annoying tailgaters. (It was so good that the traffic it brought in killed the host server.) One type of annoying tailgater that failed to make the list is the guy who shows up to the parking lot without the most essential tailgating item… BEER!… Read more »

  • Beer Review: Hinano

    Image by Sapo Essay via Flickr When in Rome you do as the Romans do… So when you’re in Tahiti, you drink Hinano. Anyone that’s been to Tahiti will tell you that the trip included great diving, incredible views everywhere you turn and lots of Hinano. For those that haven’t tried Hinano, you may still… Read more »

  • Beer Review: Pigskin Pale Ale

    In honor of football season and my fantasy team just getting crushed the first two weeks, I decided to review a beer called Pigskin Pale Ale. The bottle has a big football on the label which would make it a novelty at your next tailgate. This beer comes to us from Beer Valley Brewing Company… Read more »

  • Beer Review: Eye of the Hawk

    Image by Speed-Light via Flickr Last week I held a BBQ at my house and all the guests brought beer that they thought I had never had before. This only proves that I have some really cool friends. Truth be told, two of them heard about my beer tasting nights and admitted that they wanted… Read more »