Tailgating Video: UCF Spring Game Beer Pong


To look at the sheer volume of tailgating videos appearing on YouTube, you would think tailgating prior to a College Spring Football Intrasquad game was more popular that baseball tailgating. These people are tailgating what essentially is a practice. Either way, here is a video of a few guys tailgating and playing beer pong prior […]

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Lighten Up Appalachian State

There comes a time when personal responsibility and common sense needs to prevail in today’s society of blame shifting, frivolous lawsuits and political correctness. A recent change in the campus alcohol policy at Appalachian State University has now banned drinking games at tailgating events in order to promote “safe drinking behavior”. When did playing flippy […]

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Tailgating Games to Play


Eating and drinking seem to dominate the tailgating experience. What if good food, good drink and good conversation is not enough? A good list of games to play while tailgating is hard to find. So we decided to compile one that includes some of the more popular and unique tailgating games we have seen in […]

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