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  • Stocking Stuffer Guide 2014”

    We know the tailgater on your list is hard to buy for. That’s why we have these great stocking stuffer ideas for the tailgater in your life.

  • Kudu Cover

    When it comes to smuggling your booze inside the stadium, there are plenty of options out there. Back in August we did a post on the best ways to smuggle alcohol into a stadium or arena. But what about wanting to conceal your beverage while out in the open as to not call attention to… Read more »

  • Can Covers

    Call it what you will. Stealth drinking. Covert consumption. Sneaky sipping. We all probably have wanted to be hitting the hooch while out in public but didn’t for fear of a ticket from Johnny Law. Because of this desire, there are a multitude of stealth drinking devices that aid in smuggling in booze into a… Read more »