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Being Young Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Posted by Chris On May - 15 - 2011

Readers of this blog don’t need another reason on why NFL tailgating is better than MLB tailgating, but knowledge is power so here is yet another reason for you.  The reason…NFL tickets are more expensive than MLB tickets.

Have I lost my mind?  More expensive tickets means better tailgating?  Dishing out the remaining cash that Big Oil hasn’t yet taken from us is a good thing?  Maybe, Yes, and Yes.  Just please hear me out…

I think it is because I am getting older that I am finally seeing the obvious.  MLB tailgating brings out a younger crowd.  A younger crowd translates to more crowded parking lots.  A younger crowd means a lot of empty, cheap-ass beer cans throughout the parking lot.  A younger crowd means more folks concerned only about getting wasted.  A tailgate of good food, good drinks and the anticipation of a good game is secondary or in most cases non-existent.

I have gone to a handful of Phillies games this season.  Before each game I am, of course, tailgating.  Unfortunately the tailgating experience is being ruined by obnoxious young adults who are drunk, blasting crap music from their car stereos , yelling they are the beer pong champ, and / or fighting with their significant others!  And why are these young folks tailgating? Because, why not?  MLB tickets can be had for as little as 10-15 bucks.  It’s a cheap evening out.  You can binge drink without any repercussions.  And if my eyes aren’t deceiving me, you can even drink if you aren’t 21.

NFL games require extra cash for a tailgater.  Inexpensive tickets will still run you at least 60-70 bucks.  The more expensive tickets keep the young tailgaters away.  Without the young crowds the tailgates are true tailgates.  Folks are enjoying good beer, good food, tunes that can be heard by only their tailgating group, and a drama free afternoon or evening.

So I guess in the end this post is just another reason why we need the NFL lockout to end, and end soon.  We need a return to the true tailgate.  Where the most important thing isn’t about how fast you down a case of Natural Ice!


Weekend Wrap-Up #121: Sara Jean Underwood Edition

Posted by Dave On January - 9 - 2011

I know that yesterday and today just wrapped up an amazing weekend of Wild Card Playoff games in the NFL but in all honesty it is never too early to start preparing for baseball tailgating. There is only one game left in the college football season and the ticket prices are so high and in such demand real tailgaters like you and I will never get within 50 miles of that stadium. The NFL playoffs are still in full swing with only eight teams still alive. That means if you are a fan of the other 24 teams in the NFL your tailgating gear has been packed away for weeks. Which reminds me that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in about a month. So to get you thinking about baseball tailgating, here is Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood with a baseball bat. When I saw this photo it immediately inspired me to try to come up with some tailgating ideas specifically for baseball tailgaters. Yup, that’s exactly what Sara Jean inspired me to do. Yessir, that’s the truth… Links follow the designated hottie…

sara jean underwood baseball bat

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Weekend Wrap-Up #112: Melanie Collins Edition

Posted by Dave On August - 22 - 2010

This week’s lesson in “How to Properly Use Twitter” is brought to you by none other than Melanie Collins. Who is Melanie Collins you ask… Well, she’s a former bikini model that has turned her propensity for looking scorchingly hot in a bikini into a gig as a reporter for the Big 10 Network. She’s also on Twitter, @melanie_collins, with over 5,000 stalkers, er, followers. As you can imagine, a hot girl talking about sports in a football crazy league like the Big 10 would tend to garner a few followers on Twitter. So when Melanie Collins tweeted that her sources were telling her that Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier was going to transfer, she immediately recognized the error of her ways. Despite deleting the tweet minutes later, the damage was done. The news took off like wildfire within the sports blogosphere and the UM message boards and Google searches for Melanie Collins just made a jump.

So here is the moral of the story – be a responsible tweeter and think before you press send. Much like drunk dialing your ex-girlfriend after 3 am, what you tweet may come back to haunt you. A wise man once said, “You never regret the things you DON’T say.” Keep that in mind when using Twitter. Links follow the pic:

Melanie Collins

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Mailbag: Tailgating MLB All-Star Game Anaheim

Posted by Dave On July - 25 - 2010

Tailgating at Anaheim All-Star GameA few days ago I got an email from a reader who was able to tailgate prior to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game that was held at Anaheim Stadium. It’s funny how big time events on the field does not translate to an epic tailgate party in the parking lot. I’ll let Johnny explain from his email:

I have been following your website for a couple years now and love it. I found the site searching for tailgating gear and recipes and your site kept coming up. Now its on my “favorites list” and I tune in every few days for new Tailgating Ideas and share them with my fellow Tailgaters. I really appreciate the time you spend on new products and ideas and the commentary on the tailgating community.

I was reading that you didn’t make it to the All-Star game this year and thought I would clue you in a little to the tailgating scene that day. I also had no plans for the All-Star game after I spent months trying to get tickets at a price less than my mortgage. I entered every contest I saw and dropped every desperate hint I could to all the season ticket holders I knew, but no luck. The All-Star game was also on my birthday this year and I only live about 8 miles from the stadium so I knew this only happens once in a lifetime. Well after dragging my feet around the house all weekend my wife surprised me with tickets on Monday and I was like a ten year old on Christmas Eve!

With only about half a day to get ready, we loaded up the bare minimums in the SUV… (Cooler, beer, ice, sunflower seeds, chips, chairs, shade, table, grill, and some bacon wrapped peppers stuffed with cream cheese). A good friend and I headed to the stadium at 12:30 as the gates were set to open at 1pm and we knew there would be a line for the 81st All-Star game. We got to the stadium at 1pm and [there was] nobody in line at the gate… Perfect! We headed for the Big-A and were one of about five cars getting ready. This group of five different cars were the only people for about another two hours! I couldn’t believe it… This was supposed to be huge! A few others straggled into the parking lot and set up some pop up shades and tables over the next couple hours, but that was really it. Around 2pm there was about 50 horse mounted police that came out of the Santa Ana River bed looking for a problem, but none was to be found. A regular Angles game had ten times as many people in the lot two hours before the game.

We traded some bacon wrapped peppers to our neighbors who gave us Jell-O Shots and a Teriyaki Beef Skewer. We talked some smack to a few Doyers fans and someone in an Orioles hat. One guy had a TV set up in the back of his truck because he planned on just watching the game on TV under the Big A. After a few hours of just hanging with nothing really to see in the parking lot, we packed up our stuff a half hour before the game and headed inside. The game was great. The whole buzz of the All-Stars and different teams rubbed off on everyone. But, I have to say I was surprisingly disappointed by the tailgating scene prior to the game. Where was everyone?!?

I attached some pics for you of the sorry looking lot before the game.

(Click images for larger view)

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College World Series Tailgating – Day 1 Report: Part 2

Posted by Guest On June - 19 - 2010

Earlier this morning, Tailgatingideas.com College World Series tailgating correspondent Aaron Rich checked in with a report on the line-up of getting into the Rosenblatt parking lot. Aaron submitted another report after getting inside and getting his parking space. Below are the accompanying photos and his assessment of the new tailgating rules at Rosenblatt Stadium this year. (Click on photos for larger view)

Lot opened at 8 am and was full by 8:30. Unfortunately the assigned/escorted parking left me right by a tree to my south so no satellite feed. Luckily, the wi-fi from the stadium covers the lot so we are streaming the world cup in.

I did learn how to beat a wind storm and not have your tent go flying. Drill screws into the lot.





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