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  • Tailgating Rigs

    This is a guest post from Pete Tverdov. Pete is a fanatical tailgater for Rutgers football games and he and his friend have a growing crew of tailgate members thanks to their tricked out tailgate bus. (The bus even has its own Facebook Fan Page.) Pete is hoping to come on board as a regular… Read more »

  • Righteous Rigs: The Dawg

    As many of you are aware, Browns fans are notorious for being incredibly dedicated to their team. Some might even say they are crazy. Take a look at the video below and you can decide for yourself just how far Cleveland tailgaters will go. This Righteous Rig is called “The Dawg” and is the creation… Read more »

  • Righteous Rigs: West Virginia Shaggin Wagon

    In our second installment of “Righteous Rigs” comes another tailgating vehicle that you would be hard pressed not to notice when it is either parked or on the way to Milan Puskar Stadium. Nick named “the Shaggin Wagon”, this 1988 Ford E150 Conversion Van has undergone numerous modifications to make it the ultimate tailgating companion… Read more »

  • Righteous Rigs: The Toledo Jambulance

    If you have spent any amount of time in a parking lot tailgating you have probably seen what I call, a “Righteous Rig”. This is a tailgating vehicle that is so bad ass that there is no way in hell it would blend in with the surrounding tailgate landscape. So in the first of many… Read more »