Auburn tailgating

  • Video: 2013 Auburn Parking & Tailgating Map

    Nice to see Auburn stepping up their game and responding to feedback from tailgaters regarding their Saturday game day experience and making an effort to improve that experience. Wish more schools and professional teams would do the same.

  • Auburn Tailgating Grill

    The creativity and artistic eye of you tailgaters never ceases to amaze me. I recently helped a reader of ours through the process of converting his Margaritaville Tailgating Grill to an Auburn Tigers tailgating grill. We shared some knowledge and other tips we have learned over the years and he was off and running. This… Read more »

  • Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #59: Carmen Ortega Edition

    Typically here at we don’t get into celebrity/athlete relationship gossip. We leave the Jessica/Tony and Kim K/Reggie break-up stories to places like Perez Hilton. But today I am making an exception because two weeks ago we featured Kim Kardashian in the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #57. So what’s the connection this week? Well, rumors… Read more »