The Taco Rack Makes Tailgating Tacos So Much Easier

Who doesn’t love tacos? Seriously, anyone that would turn down a taco just makes me wonder if there is something wrong with them. But as a tailgater, making and serving tacos at your next tailgate party can be a real hassle. Warming taco shells on the grill is really difficult and you can never get the cheese to melt like they do at your favorite Mexican restaurant. That was true until I discovered The Taco Rack.


I tested out The Taco Rack for myself at home using my Freedom Grill and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use them. After shooting the demonstration video, my wife chose to bring The Taco Racks tailgating with us before the Chargers vs. Patriots game a few weeks ago. Check out the video demo I put together and you’ll see The Taco Rack performs up to expectations.

One of the main features that I think really translates to tailgating is the compact size and easy assembly of the Taco Rack. The original Taco Rack and the Taco Rack Junior both come in four pieces that lay flat and take up virtually no room in your tailgate kit. It’s about the size of a thick bookmark. Who doesn’t have room for something that small and compact?

The pieces are easy to assemble and are very sturdy once put together. Of course they keep the taco shells elevated and allow for consistent warming and melting of the cheese. Another feature my wife really likes is that The Taco Rack is dishwasher safe. I like that they are stainless steel and will not rust or tarnish.

The original Taco Rack that holds six taco shells sells for $19.99 online. The Taco Rack Jr. holds three taco shells and sells for $12.99. There are numerous packaging options available at The Taco Rack official website including a two pack of original Taco Racks, a four pack, a couples package and a number of other combinations. Feel free to check out their commercial for more selling points or just go get your own Taco Rack.

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  1. We have a set of Taco Racks and we love them. We use them on the grill when we go camping and the kids think it is really neat to have tacos outside of the kitchen. I would suggest that if you use the Taco Rack on a grill it should be on a tray or a piece of aluminum foil. This prevents the direct heat from being under the shells. I have found that you should bake the shells for about 8-10 minutes for optimum crispness. Cool product for sure.

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