Tailgating Banned At The Super Bowl – You Can Bring It Back

No Super Bowl TailgatingAs an avid tailgater who is also an NFL season ticket holder, I was shocked and appalled to learn that tailgating was forbidden on Super Bowl Sunday. You read that correctly, there is no tailgating at the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has gradually turned into an overcommercialized media event over the past few years but banning tailgating at the Super Bowl is just hypocritical and short sighted by the NFL. How can the NFL encourage millions of fans to tailgate prior to every game during the season but ban tailgating before the Super Bowl? In order to correct this, I have written a petition to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Super Bowl Host Committee insisting they abandon the policy of forbidding tailgating before the Super Bowl.

Sign the Super Bowl Tailgating Petition HERE

We as a highly motivated and determined community of tailgaters need to support this petition. We need to send a message to the NFL that tailgating is synonymous with the entire game day experience. It is highly hypocritical of the NFL to encourage tailgating prior to pre-season, regular season and playoff games but to make it a criminal act on Super Bowl Sunday. We as a tailgating nation need to show some solidarity and prove that we are a dedicated group that can have a direct influence on the American economy. If the NFL does not take us seriously and allow tailgating to resume at the Super Bowl, we need to be prepared to have our actions speak louder than words.

The highlights of the petition are:

  • Insists that the ban on Super Bowl tailgating policy be abandoned.
  • Points out that this policy is hypocritical and undermines the NFL’s credibility.
  • By banning tailgating at the Super Bowl, the NFL has essentially sent a message that the potential threat of terrorism has criminalized a uniquely American way of life.
  • If the anti-tailgating policy is not changed, tailgaters across America are willing to boycott all Super Bowl advertisers and their products if this policy is not changed.

You can read the entire text of the petition HERE. You can sign the petition HERE.

We as Americans need to keep a watchful eye on our freedoms as they slowly erode away under excuse of “security reasons”. Can the act of tailgating be so harmful that it jeopardizes the public safety of the surrounding area near the Super Bowl? If you think it does, feel free to go visit another web page. If you think tailgating should be allowed before any NFL game, including the Super Bowl, then please sign the petition to allow tailgating at the Super Bowl.

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13 thoughts to “Tailgating Banned At The Super Bowl – You Can Bring It Back”

  1. Check out Supergate08.com

    They are organizing a big tailgate for the superbowl. Its a couple days of tailgating festivals.. They are inviting tailgaters from all the nfl teams..

  2. I appreciate the heads up on this but the problem is that this tailgate party will be held well off of the premises of Univ. of Phoenix Stadium property. In my opinion you can have all the people you want “tailgating” somewhere else, but unless you are grilling and tailgating outside of the stadium it is not truly tailgating in my opinion.

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  5. Some one sent me a link to the petition- which I promptly read and signed- as an avid football fan and tailgater (at the University of Phoenix Stadium, where Super Bowl XLII will be- which is a fabulous place to tailgate!).

    I’ll put a link to the petition on my site- which is by the fans for the fans during Super Bowl. You have our support!

  6. Heard the interview on 810 today. Great project! I am with the United States Tailgating Association (USTGA) in Kansas City. We recently saw our chances of making the trip to Glendale, AZ for Super 42, drop considerably upon finding out about the “No Tailgating” issue. If we could work things out logistically, I would be glad to roll our Tour bus down to AZ and provide you with a great way to increase the impact of your petition and argument as well as provide a super awesome relief element while you are there. I also am looking into the alternate tailgating party located off-site, run by Your Tailgate Party. Just a thought but I think you would make a killer impact by rolling up in the USTGA bus wherever you go. We should probably be in touch anyway as to familiarize each other with our respective projects. I will forward an email to them in hopes of getting you some basic info on the USTGA. Hope you enjoy and I am glad to hear of your strong position on such a great All-American activity that is here to stay!
    Sincerely, Crazy John Brooks,Co-founder, USTGA.

  7. With my Giants miraculously playing in the big game it breaks my heart to think I won’t be tailgating in Phoenix on Jan. 3. Someone PLEASE let me know where the party is happening and if you’d all welcome a single gal looking for a good time! I fully support the the mission!

  8. i feel that tailgate parties have been around as long as football. if they try to ban that they may just cancel the superbowl also.

  9. i feel that tailgate parties have been here as long as football. therefore banning the tailgate party is like banning the superbowl or any other sport that people come together as a FAMILY to participate in or watch as a spectator. KEEP ON TAILGATING!!!!!!

  10. If you want to sign ANY petition you must do it on paper and have people sign it with ink and include their address. Doing any petition online does absolutly no good, so don’t waste your time. It is not a legal piece of document doing it online. Anyone can put down hundreds of fake names and thats why it doesn’t work.

    GO GIANTS!!!!!

  11. Have no fear, tailgaters! Super ‘Gate is back and it’s coming to Tampa. If you’re looking for the best place to park and party, we are it. Heck, we’re the only place since this ridiculous ban! All are welcome, so come on down and bring you bus, RV, grills, coolers, beer bongs… whatever!

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