Bundle Your Tailgating Gear with StrapAHandle

Back in August I was contact by a reader who suggested I try out the Strapahandle. It’s basically a belt system with a sturdy handle so you can bundle a number of bulky items and easily transport them. I contacted the Strapahandle folks and they were kind enough to send me two of them. (One 6 foot and one 8 foot long Strapahandles) I took them tailgating and I will admit it made packing and unloading a lot less time consuming because a number of items were bundled and ready to go.

Here’s a quick video demo

For tailgaters that park outside the stadium or arena and walk in to join your tailgating friends, the StrapAHandle is a huge time saver. Rather than wrestling and trying to balance a case of beer, a tailgating kit, your sweatshirt and jersey and other items, all you do is strap them up and carry them with one hand. Your other hand is now available to transport that lonely 12 oz. cold one that you have been neglecting for too long. For tailgaters at The Grove at Ole Miss, the Strapahandle could really help you carry all those items to your perfect spot right along The Walk of Champions. The speed and convenience is what makes the strapahandle a real nice addition to any tailgater’s equipment arsenal.

You can get your strapahandles at their official website or you can get either the 6 ft. Strap-a-Handle or the 8 ft. Strap-a-Handle XL from Amazon.com.

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