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Sta-Cold Cooler Giveaway Poll

Posted by Dave On November - 26 - 2011

Earlier this week Brandon reviewed the Sta-Cold Cooler, a high-end cooler with a surprisingly affordable price. The folks at Sta-Cold were nice enough to offer us the opportunity to give away one of their coolers to one of our readers. To make it fair and to make sure the winner was truly deserving of a new cooler, we asked our readers to post a photo of their cooler they want to put out to pasture and replace with a new one. We chose the top three most deserving coolers and now it is up to you to vote on which one is the most deserving to be retired.

Here are the three finalists along with their owner’s comments on why they want a new cooler.

Cooler Number 1

Cooler 1

Cooler 1

This is my husband’s cooler. His parents use to take it to his soccer games, so it has to be 10-15 years old. The lid is broken and the water spigot does not fully close. So the ice does not last very long. He takes it every where he needs a cooler, mostly tailgates! Please help me get his old busted cooler replaced!!

Cooler Number 2

Cooler 2

Cooler 2

This is my old cooler. It has to be 20 years old. I couldn’t even tell you how many camping trips, tailgates, backyard bbq’s, etc. this thing has been to. You don’t even see metal latches like that any more. I need a new one because both of the handles have fallen off of it and the insulation has broken down a bit so it doesn’t stay as cold as it should! Thanks for all the awesome stuff you do Tailgatingideas!!!

Cooler Number 3

Cooler 3

Cooler 3

This is my old ice chest i bought when i was 20yrs old (13yrs ago). It has been on at least 30 lake trips, countless tailgates, spent enough time in baja to require its own green card, and has tranported more booze than Popcorn Sutton. Lid latch is broken and the handles have been broken and replaced with rope and bicycle handle grips. I would only retire her for a STA-Cold Cooler!

Now that you have seen the worst of the worst, it is up to you to decide which cooler deserves to be retired. Vote in our poll and based on the poll results will determine which cooler gets replaced with a brand new Sta-Cold Cooler. You can vote for any cooler you like and you can vote again every hour. You can also encourage your friends to vote as often as they like every hour as well.

Poll closes at 11:59 pm pacific time on Monday, November 28, 2011 so make sure to vote early and vote often. Good luck to all.

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