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Solar Powered LCD TV Ideal For Tailgating

Posted by Dave On July - 5 - 2008

Sharp Solar Powered LCD ScreenBeing able to watch TV while tailgating can be a pain because you either need a generator or a killer power inverter that will eventually drain your car’s battery. Now you don’t need either. Sharp has designed a TV that is 100% solar powered. Now you can be a little environmentally friendly while still staying up to date with your NFL Sunday Ticket. The 26-inch prototype will make its debut at the Hokkaido Toyako Summit (a.k.a. the G8 Summit) in Hokkaido, Japan starting on Monday.

Early press release information states that the solar powered TV uses about one-fourth the power and has about one-third the annual energy consumption of a conventional CRT TV with the same screen size. The solar cell that powers the whole thing is about the size of an LCD screen. I am sure the folks at Sharp had in mind the 1.6 billion people in the world currently living without electricity when they came up with this idea but tailgaters could reap the benefits.

H/T to Gizmodo via Physorg via Engadget

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One Response to “Solar Powered LCD TV Ideal For Tailgating”

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    How many power you spend on your LCD TV or monitor on daily basis? Some people sit in front computer or TV the whole day. It is quite costly if accumulate for month and year.
    Sharp demonstrate their new technology in recent CEATEC 2008. Its the 52-inch…





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