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Slumping Economy Has Not Touched Tailgating

Posted by Dave On September - 9 - 2008

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 2:  Fans tailgating pose...Image by Getty Images Back in June I asked “Will Gas Prices Kill Tailgating?“. According to this AP Report, the answer is a resounding, NO.

To paraphrase the article, football fans are cutting back on some things but are still following their passion for tailgating. Some tailgaters have suspended traditional family vacations in order to save money but believe that tailgating is not something you can cut out of the budget.

All I can say is that it makes me proud that people enjoy tailgating so much that they will  forgo things like family vacations or travel to the games in more gas efficient cars in order to still go tailgating.

Maybe the NFL and the Universities that have recently reduced the time you can tailgate should read this article as well. The fact remains that people love to go tailgating in good times or bad. Why would you want to take that away from people? Especially people who are paying your salaries in the form of parking fees and game tickets. Think about it.

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