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writer.gifYou may recall back in June I did a guest article for Garry Conn that appeared on his blog aimed at bloggers who want to make money online. Either Garry is a glutton for punishment or he actually liked the first one I wrote because he offered me a standing invitation to write other guest posts as the mood strikes. Well, one of those moods struck and this time I guest penned a tutorial on how to drive more traffic to your blog by leaving a single comment on other blogs. Sounds too easy, right? Well, it is but you need to comment on the right blogs and specifically the right posts within those blogs. I won’t bore you with the inane details here but if you are interested, head over to Garry Conn’s website and read my guest article. Who knows, you may be a blogger yourself looking for that little extra to get you over the hump.

Read my guest article on HERE. Oh yeah, if you are a social media user, make sure to stumble it, digg it, mixx it, reddit, delicious it, favourite it or anything else you can think of.

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  1. Most excellent post David.. I think everyone is enjoying reading it. Amazingly helpful, yet very simple. Nice work bud.

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