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We tailgaters love the red party cup. Toby Keith even had a song about it. Need we remind you?

The rise in popularity of the red party cup has been a staple at tailgate parties for years but what if you wanted to take the love of the red party cup to the next level? We recently discovered Red Cup Living which created the reusable red party cup.

Red Cup Living drinkware is made from two molds making them incredibly durable and long lasting. They use dense, high-quality ABS plastic with nothing toxic included. No BPA or phthalates are in Red Cup Living drinkware. Dishwasher safe and reusable, these cups give the appearance of an original party cup but you can use them over and over.

Red Cup Living doesn’t just stop at drinking vessels. They also make a wide variety of products that would be welcome at any party. From bicycle drink holders to golf tees to backpacks to table tennis paddles – all resembling the iconic red party cup.

In regards to tailgating, we were at first skeptical about Red Cup Living drinkware. After all, the reason the red party cup has become so popular at tailgate parties is the “cheap and disposable” aspect Toby Keith sang about. For those tailgaters that are seeking not just the fast, cheap and easy cup while tailgating, here are a few reasons you might consider Red Cup Living drinkware and accessories.

1) When it comes to tailgating, everyone is trying to one up each other. Tailgating essentially has become its own competitive sport. Through set-up, drinks, food, etc. we avid tailgaters love fun and unique products. There is a different style of cup for every type of drink and that makes tailgating even more fun. You may be interested in these cups in order to serve a specific drink at your tailgate. You could also permanently personalize your cups again creating a fun atmosphere for those at the tailgate.

2) People care about unnecessary waste more than ever today. Disposable red cups are #6 plastic and not recyclable. We’re sure for those of you that tailgate frequently, you may be concerned with your impact on the environment. The cups can pile up fast at any tailgate. It is one of the functional reasons Red Cup Living started their product lines while creating a fun product line that inspires fun. True, throwing the cups away is easier but there are tailgaters who want to lessen their impact on how much waste they produce.

3) Red Cup Living offers more than just cups. The aforementioned table tennis paddle sets, back packs, cooler packs, etc. which all lend itself to the tailgate party lifestyle. Other accessories include lids and straws which people love at tailgates to keep bugs, dirt, etc. out of their drinks. The double walled design helps insulate cold or hot drinks which is great when you are outdoors and tailgating. They even have a fully insulated coffee tumbler which is great for a hot totty before a game.

Now that you know there is a reusable and unique way to show off your love of the red party cup, you can get numerous kinds at Amazon. Prices vary based on the product you like but considering the fact you can reuse these cups over and over, the initial cost pays off without having to buy more cups later on in the season.

Admittedly, we were skeptical of these cups because they were not disposable. But after testing them out and seeing them up close, we changed our attitude. After checking them out Red Cup Living’s line of products are definitely “Tailgate Approved”.

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