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Posted by Dave On May - 26 - 2010

Even though Earth Day has come and gone, it is always nice to let the tailgaters know about more tailgating gear that is eco-friendly. I recently discovered a new tailgating product called the Recycooler after spotting this video on YouTube. (Don’t worry, the video is silent so there is no need to adjust your volume.)

As you saw in the video, those Styrofoam coolers are not only bad for the environment but are flimsy as hell. You have to be extra careful not to knock them over because they break so easily. The Recycooler beats those Styrofoam coolers two ways in that they are much more sturdy and have very little impact on the environment.

The Recycooler is a reusable and recyclable, green/earth friendly cooler made from a minimum 60% post consumer product and printed with soy based ink. The cooler is 100% recyclable so when you are done tailgating, you can pop it into the stadium recycling bin and watch the game guilt free. Take a look at how you can even customize the Recycooler.

The patent pending design of a Recycooler comprises a unique cellulose insulation component that keep drinks and food cold for long periods of time even in the hottest conditions. By using a Recycooler, you are helping the environment by making a smart, environmentally conscious choice over traditional polystyrene coolers. An added benefit of the Recycooler is that it eliminates that annoying squeaking sound associated with Styrofoam coolers. If you take care of your Recycooler it will last for a long time. When you are finished with the product just discard it in a recycling bin and buy a new one.

I was provided a sample Recycooler to test out and I was quite impressed with the product. It kept ice for quite a while and I also liked the carrying handle. Much better than a polystyrene cooler that require you to use two hands to carry it and unload it.

The Recycooler comes in three different sizes from the small size holding 7 quarts all the way to the large size holding 39 quarts. Depending on the quantity you buy you can get your logo placed on the Recycooler. They will even be rolling out a collegiate licensed Recycooler for the University of Georgia.

To learn more about the Recycooler and to find out where you can buy one, visit: recycooler.com.

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