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Pool Pong Rack Just In Time For Spring Break

Posted by Dave On March - 15 - 2009

Pool Pong Rack In WaterSince Spring Break is already in full swing for some campuses and others it is about to start, here is a product that is one of those “must have” accessories for any self-respecting Spring Breaker. (Yeah, I know these really can’t be used tailgating but they sure are a lot of fun.)

So you want to play beer pong but you don’t want to get out of the pool? Inflate these two floating Pool Pong Racks in less than a minute each and pace them in the water face up. Place six cups in the cup holders within the Pool Pong Rack and fill with Natty Light. (What? You think college kids drink good beer while on Spring Break?) Play Beer Pong, or Beirut depending on your preferred nomenclature, as you normally would. Because each Pool Pong Rack floats independently from your opponent’s, it makes the game a bit more challenging depending on water currents and wind direction.

I tested out the Pool Pong Rack for myself and snapped a few photos. Click on the images to view full size and in greater detail.


In addition to the six cup slots, the Pool Pong Rack is also designed to work in conjunction with the N-Ice Rack. Freeze your N-Ice Rack and place it in the Pool Pong Rack and you never have to worry about drinking warm beer again. Also, use of a N-Ice Rack expands the game to include 10 cups instead of just six had you used the Pool Pong Rack by itself. Combining the Pool Pong Rack and the N-Ice Rack are crucial this time of year when the weather is hot and you are playing outside in the sun.

pool_pong_n-ice_rackjpg.jpgAnother cool feature of the Pool Pong Rack is that when you are not playing a game of beer pong, it serves as a floating drink holder. Just make sure to use Etch-It Cups and put your name on your beer or you could end up drinking someone’s backwash.

You can get your own Pool Pong Rack directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com for $19.95 + $7.00 shipping via UPS to anywhere in the U.S. Buy Pool Pong Rack and add on a N-Ice Rack and we’ll pick up the additional shipping costs. You can be the partiers that get noticed with a Pool Pong Rack this Spring Break.

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