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Perfecting the Slider

Posted by Chris On May - 30 - 2011

My absolute favorite part of the Memorial Day holiday weekend is the “free” day off from work.  My second favorite part is the seemingly endless number of barbecues to host and attend.  And with those barbecues comes the chance to see and experience new grilling tools and gadgets.

Yesterday evening my buddy introduced me to the 3-in-1 Sliders Grill Basket, Bun Cutter, and Mini Burger Press.  I would say that my love of a good slider is on the level of Harold and Kumar love, so I was instantly sold on this gadget.

As the name implies, the items comes with 3 tools.  Tool 1 is the  three hamburger press to allow for burger size consistency.  Tool 2 is the bun cutter for perfect sized bun halves.  Tool 3 is the mini burgers grill basket, which measures 9” x 9”, has an 8” Rosewood handle, and holds up to 9 sliders.  A degree in rocket science is not required to carry out the next steps.  You simply make up your favorite burger (yesterday we went with cheese and jalapeno stuffed sliders), grill, and stuff your face!

A few pointers that my buddy passed along to me…

Burger Press: Add a bit of cooking spray or oil to eliminate the meat getting stuck and then falling apart.

Grill Basket:  The basket prevents the burgers from bulging too quickly, but since we are dealing with mini-burgers you have to be careful to not overcook the burgers since they will of course cook quicker than your standard burgers.  If you aren’t paying attention to your sliders they can quickly become overcooked and dry.  And since you are using the grill basket you have ruined not one burger but nine!  Also make sure you have a nearby fork to pry open the basket after cooking.  As you would expect the basket is way too hot to handle with your hands!

In all, the item runs you less than 30 bucks, will allow consistency in your preparation and cooking, allows your BBQ or tailgating guests to sample a creative burger without becoming too full, and is easy to clean up.  For further details on the product just go to homewetbar.com.

Here is the link for the burger recipe too.

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