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Build-a-Beer Bong

Posted by Dave On September - 6 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Build-a-bong Featured
It’s prime tailgating season and you forgot to get one of the most essential tools to open the season – a beer bong. Shame on you.

But gone are the days of stopping by the home improvement store, buying a funnel and tubing and hitting the parking lot. You want a beer bong that reflects your spirit, passion and support of your team, student group, fraternity/sorority, etc. That’s why we have recently added the Build-A-Beer Bong to our online tailgating gear store.

The concept is simple. You choose a funnel color. You choose a tube color. Buy it. Boom! You’re done.

Funnel colors: Red – Blue – Purple – Pink – Yellow/Green – White

Tube colors: Red – Purple – Black – Green

The Build-A-Beer Bong funnels are $8 and the tubes are $3 for a total of $11 for each beer bong you build. $6 flat rate shipping on complete beer bong purchases that include funnel and tube.

To build your own Build-A-Beer Bong, visit our online tailgating gear store, shop.tailgatingideas.com

Tailgate TV Stand

Posted by Dave On September - 1 - 2014Comments Off

Tailgate TV Stand Featured

The tailgate party has evolved. No longer does tailgating include a few wieners on the grill and tossing the football around killing time waiting for the game to start. Tailgating is a full-blown event that includes gourmet food, exotic drinks and electronic gadgets that would make James Bond sit up and notice.

Since starting this tailgating blog back in 2007, we have seen the explosive growth of the use of TVs in the tailgating parking lots. Gone are the days of setting up the satellite dish on a tripod and trying to find the arc and the azimuth somewhere in the southern sky. Just as the technology of tailgating with satellite TV has evolved, so has the way you view your TV in the parking lot. We recently discovered the Tailgate TV Stand and put it to the test to find out if it truly is “Tailgate Approved”.

As you saw in the video, the Tailgate TV Stand is a hitch mounted TV stand that holds your flat screen TV and can rotate 360 degrees. We recently had the opportunity to test out the Tailgate TV Stand and found it to be highly functional and quite at home in the tailgating environment.

Prior to learning about the Tailgate TV Stand, we were only aware of two other hitch mounted TV stands; the Hitch-N-View and the Tow Hitch TV, both of which we reviewed previously on this blog. For the sake of review comparisons, we will compare the Tailgate TV Stand to the Hitch-N-View because we believe the Tow Hitch TV is no longer in business and producing units. Before we start comparing the two, let’s dive into the features of the Tailgate TV Stand.

The Tailgate TV Stand is essentially three pieces that assemble quickly in order to mount your TV for viewing off the back of your vehicle so long as it has a 2″ tow hitch receiver. The assembly really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Once the pieces have been assembled, you place the your TV on the bracket and hook up your cords and electronics. It really is that simple. Most people think “some assembly required” and groan in pain, especially if you have to assemble the unit every time you use it. But honestly, it took me literally 30 seconds to assemble the entire Tailgate TV Stand to the point I was ready to hang my TV from it. Check out their assembly video.

We had the opportunity to review and test out the Original TTS Standard. This model has a smaller lower post that would be ideal for SUV and van tailgating vehicles. Those with pick-up trucks that want their tailgate down while viewing TV, the Original TTS TD (Tailgate Down) is a better choice.

One of the major benefits of the Tailgate TV Stand is that fact that you can swing the arm 360 degrees. If the sun is creating too much glare with the TV facing directly backwards, just rotate the Tailgate TV Stand the opposite way and your tailgate party guests will love you forever. You can even swing the TV inside of the SUV, set up the kids to watch their shows while chilling inside the car and you can now tailgate with the adults knowing the kids are taken care of and out of the way. And as easily as it was assembled, the Tailgate TV Stand comes apart and packs away just as quickly.

In comparing the Tailgate TV Stand (TTS) to the Hitch-N-View (HNV), there are a number of features and benefits the TTS has over the HNV.

  • Accessory Shelf - Comes standard with the HNV. Available as an upgrade for $29.99 from Tailgate TV Stand. Advantage: Hitch-N-View
  • Cords and Cables - Cords and cables hang off the accessory shelf on the Hitch-N-View. Velcro Straps included with the TTS to tie up cables and cords for a cleaner look. Advantage: Tailgate TV Stand
  • TV Size - Due to the size limitation of the mounting bracket and the width of screw hole patterns on the back’s of TVs, the HNV can hold up to 40″ TVs. The Tailgate TV Stand is designed for 360 degree rotation with a 32″ TV. The ability to rotate your TV with the swinging arm will be limited if your TV is larger than 32″, but the stand will hold bigger TV’s. The Standard model will hold up to 40 pounds. The Heavy Duty (HD) model and Tailgate Down (TD model) are made with heavier gauge tubing and will hold up to 70 pounds. Advantage: Tailgate TV Stand
  • Price - The Hitch-N-View is priced at $95 plus shipping. The Original TTS Standard is the lowest priced and costs $170 plus shipping. Advantage: Hitch-N-View
  • Viewing Angle - The Hitch-N-View does not elevate the TV much above the tow hitch receiver area. The Tailgate TV Stand elevates the TV quite a bit and while sitting in standard tailgating chairs, the viewing angle is similar to how you would watch TV if the screen was wall mounted. Advantage: Tailgate TV Stand
  • Mounting Bracket - The Tailgate TV Stand does not come standard with a mounting bracket but you can purchase a bracket from TTS with your order. The Hitch-N-View mounting plate is part of the unit and the brackets to attach to the back of your TV come standard. Advantage: Hitch-N-View
  • Rotation - The TTS can pivot 360 degrees. The HNV faces directly off the back off your tow hitch. Advantage: Tailgate TV Stand
  • Country of Origin - The TTS is made in the USA. The HNV is manufactured in China. Advantage: Tailgate TV Stand

Honestly, after a thorough comparison, there is no clear winner between the Hitch-N-View and the Tailgate TV Stand. It all just comes down to personal preference when making your choice. If the ability to rotate your TV away from glare is a major priority, then the Tailgate TV Stand is the best choice. If you are more price oriented, then the Hitch-N-View is less expensive. If you have a larger TV and it has a larger than 40 inch screen, then the Tailgate TV Stand is your better choice. If paying a little more for an American made product is important to you, Tailgate TV Stand is definitely your choice. It all comes down to what is most important to you when selecting a tow hitch TV mount for your tailgate party.

After thoroughly testing the Tailgate TV Stand we are going to give it the Tailgate Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp. We loved the ease of assembly, the versatility of being able to rotate the TV screen to any angle and how it offers a wider range of size TVs it can accommodate.

The Original TTS Standard is priced at $169.99, the Original TTS HD (Heavy Duty) goes for $179.99 and the Original TTS TD (Tailgate Down) will run you $199.99. The Accessory Shelf costs an additional $29.99 and can be included with your order.

For more information or to buy one of your own, visit: tailgatetvstand.com

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Kuplok Kickstarter

Posted by Dave On August - 28 - 2014Comments Off

There are a lot of those “one handed eating” plates on the market. We have reviewed quite a few of them over the years. But this one looks to be the best of the bunch even though we have not had a chance to review it personally. It is a plate that holds your drink underneath while still maintaining that traditional plate shape. Check out their video:

It’s called the KuploK plate and they currently are seeking funding from where? Kickstarter of course.

They have just about two weeks to go to reach their goal and honestly, I hope they make it. Of all the one handed eating plates I have seen, this one looks to be right on target for being a perfect fit for tailgating.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Puppies Tailgating

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IceSoKool Cup Review

Posted by Dave On August - 23 - 2014Comments Off

Margarita in IceSoCool CupAbout 10 years ago, I traveled quite a bit with a previous job that took me all over the United States. I traveled heavily during the summers and visited the south eastern portion of the United States frequently. During one of those travels we stopped in at a Hooters in Gainesville, Florida. We ordered a pitcher of beer and when it arrived at the table, the busty waitress also had a small bag of ice in her hand. She tied the bag to the handle and floated it in the pitcher of beer keeping it cold while sitting on the table but did not dilute it with the melting ice water. Genius idea, we thought. If only someone could come up with a way to do that for a cup while out tailgating.

It took 10 years but someone apparently has already taken that concept of keeping your drink cold without diluting it with melting ice. We recently discovered the IceSoKool cup. Take a look at their “How it Works” video and you will see the concept of keeping your beverage ice cold without watering it down.

As you saw in the video, the IceSoKool cup is a dual chambered cup with a cylinder in the middle. You place ice cubes in the center cylinder and as the ice melts, keeps your beverage cold

IceSoCool cups work in a 1, 2, 3, 4 step process that takes 10 seconds.

  1. Remove outer cup by unscrewing it from the inner cup.
  2. Place ice in the cylinder of the inner cup.
  3. Screw the outer and inner cups back together.
  4. Pour in your favorite beverage

IceSoKool Cup

Now that your IceSoKool cup is loaded with ice, you are free to fill with your favorite beverage. The claim we heard was that even in the hottest conditions, it will keep your beverage cold longer than other cups you have to freeze prior to use. And when it comes to tailgating, having a freezer in the parking lot is next to impossible but there are tons of ice chests full of ice available. Compared to those mugs that have gel crystals in them that you have to remember to freeze prior to use, IceSoKool is so much more tailgate friendly. Open up the cup, pop in some ice, fill it up and your drink stays cold.

Seeing how the IceSoKool people make these bold claims against those other cooling cups, they have dome some pretty extensive research. Of course, call us skeptical or whatever you want, but we at Tailgating Ideas have always wanted to test products for ourselves to ensure their claims are really true. We requested a sample of the IceSoKool cup and tested it out for ourselves. Without going into exhaustive detail and photos of digital thermometers, we will cut to the chase and say it works.

IceSoKool Cup

We took two beverages out of the fridge at the same time and poured them into cups. (Just because the center cylinder penetrates the inside of the cup, you can still pour 12 oz. of liquid in there.) One was poured into a regular plastic party cup (don’t start singing the Toby Keith song in your head) and the other was poured into the IceSoKool cup. We tested the temperature to ensure they started out at the same temperature. 45 degrees. We then walked away and let them sit in 80 degree temperature for about 15 minutes. Once we came back, the party cup was significantly warmer. The temperature on the IceSoKool cup was unchanged. We then drank equal amounts out of each cup and then walked away again.

Upon returning to the cups after another 15 minutes, the party cup was almost room temperature and was undrinkable. The IceSoKool cup was still cold and we proceeded to drink the remainder. We concluded that if it takes you longer than 30 minutes to drink your beer, there is a larger problem that can only be solved by getting a bunch of infant bottle nipples.

In conclusion, the IceSoKool works well, keeps your drink cold without watering it down and is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. A single IceSoKool cup will run you $16.99 and you get a discount if you buy a pair, two for $31.98 and free shipping on the second cup. For more information or to buy one or two of your own, visit: IceSoKool




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